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    • I have various sheet metal I need to move now that the project is nearly complete.

      Left and Right Doors.  Left is very solid right is in need of some work

      71/72 Front Fenders -  

      - 1 Matched pair, have been dipped, need some dent removal bodywork near the headlight.

      - 1 Right side fender with the headlamp box weldment removed.  Clean piece of sheet metal.

      - Original plain rear valance(no exhaust cutouts) .  Lower retaining tabs missing.  Straight solid piece otherwise.

      All parts located in the Kansas City area.  Not sure how to ship the doors or Fenders, but they need a new home.



      • 3 replies
    • Winter Raffle 2020!!!  Time is running out!!
      Hey everyone!  We have a special prize to give away for the 2020 Winter Raffle!  It is a custom made Mustang Tri-Bar logo trophy!  It is 1 of 10 that we had made for a fund raiser a while back.  This one was graciously donated back to the forum by an anonymous supporter for the raffle!!  Made from multi layered steel and hand painted with translucent pearl paint, it sits about 12 inches tall and looks great displayed in a curio with your die-cast Mustangs or display it on your desk or wall shelf!  It is a great conversation starter and stunning reflection of your Mustang pride!

      Raffle tickets are just $5 each or 5 for $20!

      You can buy your tickets from the side bar widget on the main forum page or from the bottom of the Donation page:


      100% of all proceeds benefit 7173Mustangs.com forum operating costs including server fees, domain fees and software licenses. 

      The winner will be drawn randomly from all entries on November 7th, 2020

      A BIG thank you to our anonymous donor for making this raffle possible!
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      • 14 replies
    • Rocketfoot's 1971 Mach 1
      Here are some pics of my 71 Mach 1 with a 302 V8, C4 transmission and all digital dash!
      • 0 replies
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    • Hello forum,  I had a slight problem with my 71/429cj not long ago. It was pertaining from the Mallory Unilite ignition system. Luckily I have my car running nicely again with a basic Pertronix I system. I still have the original dual point distributor. (Not on the car atm). I have bought a Pertonix 1281DV system specifically for upgrading the original dual points. Are there any advantages over the basic system? Or the original dual points system. The engine sounds absolutely fine and healthy with the basic Pertronix I (non-dual pionts igniter)….. What were the reasons/advantages by having a dual point system originally? We all all know it is a slightly more complicated system requiring a bit more maintainance. thanks.      
    • The attached photos show how my trunk torsion bar is set up. I have not had any problems with the lid fitting correctly. Both hinges move freely. On mine it appears that you could install a second bar for the left hand hinge if required. The hole in the left hand hinge is there and the tensioning slots on the right hand side are there.  
    • The round red emergency brake dash light (on the lower left dash between the convertible top control and the headlight switch) is disintegrating and the bezel is missing. Does anyone make a repro (or does anyone have a serviceable set in reasonable condition for sale?  
    • Just replaceds with electric flasher-it now flashes but lights not flashing,  burnt out circut breaker? All bulbs still incandescent except for led in dakota digital dash .
    • Anyone have a photo of location of circut breaker for hazard lights?  The diagram show one.
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    • Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs  »  72Oly

      Looks like you are new to forum. Go post and introduction and tell about your car.
      What you willing to spend on a tilt column? If you do buy one be sure you get everything you will never find the missing pieces. The forged pieces on the rag joint are different, the plate at the floor is different and never buy one with anything broken parts are scarce.
      · 0 replies
    • Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs  »  shaheenk

      I see you are in South Africa. Are the person I was talking with several years ago? Live somewhere near Knysna? I lost your email info somehow if it is you.
      If not I have been to S.A. 14 trips and was coming back last year and Covid shut that down.
      I have been unable to get in touch with a good friend that I hunt on his ranch and actually came over and guided for him for over 4 months. He is over in the Addo area, Charles Mason Ranger. Calls his ranch Ranger's Outdoors. I have tried e-mails and even sent him new boots and never heard anything. Concerned that Covid may have gotten him. His brother runs a car parts rebuild shop in Uitenhage. I first came to Uitenhage to follow tooling at Comau Tooling.
      Like how you did the hood. They did do some from Ford the Sprints in 1972 were white cars with blue inserts in hood and red band around that.
      So if you know of Charles Ranger would love to get in touch an plan a trip over to visit. Has been way too long. Need to hear a Haa De Dah calling out in the morning. Take long walks in the bush and sneak up on some animals.
      So if you need something sent over I have arranged in the past to other members. I tried to put couple pics from Addo Elephant park but keep getting a server error.
      David Fowler

      · 0 replies
    • Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs

      Well finally got to Dr. yesterday my general family Dr.. Just like I figured have to get in line for the next Dr.. He thinks I have torn rota-tor cuff in my shoulder along with the crushed disc. I would have gone to ER on Friday but afraid I would not make it there. Even taking oxicondone the pain is crazy at times.
      I am beginning to think I will never make the Penn. show unless I can find someone to ride along. I did get a generous offer from one of our members, Rich Ackermann that he and a friend would help to unload and load at the show which is very generous. Just getting down under the car and doing the straps is killer on my neck and shoulder. I have never unloaded from the PITS show.
      So I get in line for two surgeries looks like. It kills me to go to the shop and see the Q vert on the rotisserie so close to being ready for color and cannot do the motion of sanding.
      Can't mow the grass a foot tall and can't plant garden, sucks.
      · 2 replies
    • Zill

      Well starting to purchase front end parts to get it road worthy. There are lots of options but think I will go conservative based on everyone's feedback (who doesn't want to upgrade later). I have noticed from other parts I have replaced that the OEM parts were much more sturdier in design. Maybe 50 years ago there was a lot more steel. I'm thinking about maybe going through the extra effort to evaluate the parts and if they look good to see if pressing on new ball joints are an option. Is that worth while? Mine will be a fun driver.
      · 2 replies
    • XLRACER  »  Tnfastbk

      What part of Tennessee are you from?
      · 1 reply
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