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    • I have various sheet metal I need to move now that the project is nearly complete.

      Left and Right Doors.  Left is very solid right is in need of some work

      71/72 Front Fenders -  

      - 1 Matched pair, have been dipped, need some dent removal bodywork near the headlight.

      - 1 Right side fender with the headlamp box weldment removed.  Clean piece of sheet metal.

      - Original plain rear valance(no exhaust cutouts) .  Lower retaining tabs missing.  Straight solid piece otherwise.

      All parts located in the Kansas City area.  Not sure how to ship the doors or Fenders, but they need a new home.



      • 3 replies
    • Winter Raffle 2020!!!  Time is running out!!
      Hey everyone!  We have a special prize to give away for the 2020 Winter Raffle!  It is a custom made Mustang Tri-Bar logo trophy!  It is 1 of 10 that we had made for a fund raiser a while back.  This one was graciously donated back to the forum by an anonymous supporter for the raffle!!  Made from multi layered steel and hand painted with translucent pearl paint, it sits about 12 inches tall and looks great displayed in a curio with your die-cast Mustangs or display it on your desk or wall shelf!  It is a great conversation starter and stunning reflection of your Mustang pride!

      Raffle tickets are just $5 each or 5 for $20!

      You can buy your tickets from the side bar widget on the main forum page or from the bottom of the Donation page:


      100% of all proceeds benefit 7173Mustangs.com forum operating costs including server fees, domain fees and software licenses. 

      The winner will be drawn randomly from all entries on November 7th, 2020

      A BIG thank you to our anonymous donor for making this raffle possible!
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      • 14 replies
    • Rocketfoot's 1971 Mach 1
      Here are some pics of my 71 Mach 1 with a 302 V8, C4 transmission and all digital dash!
      • 0 replies
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    • Hello Mac, I'm afraid some of these mysteries we run up on may never get the answers we seek. We are dealing with fifty-year-old cars where even if the engineers were in their twenties in 71-73, they are now in their seventies and retired long ago. So we don't have anyone to ask, "Why did this happen" that would have a clue. Like I mentioned in my previous post, design and engineering development start 2-3 years before these vehicles even get near a production line. Thousands of parts, both existing and new are entered into the parts and service system for each vehicle line. These are constantly modified as engineers make inevitable changes. Just like the 71 Boss 302 decals that were in the parts system and sold for a car that was never production built. The D1ZZ-5255-D tip looks like a part that has the vendor ID stamped on it (T 4710 V2K) since that is not any kind of Ford formatted part or engineering number. Another oddity is the part number being stamped on the actual part. What most people don't understand is that these parts belong to the respective engineering department that designed them. They are the ones who decide which ones are released to parts and service. Only then are they assigned part numbers and they are NEVER cast or stamped on the part. They will have tapes, tags, or boxes with the part number, but nothing where the part number is permanently on the part.  Not saying this is the case, but since the finish on this part doesn't look as nice as the D1ZZ-A & B tips, and there is the discrepancy of the part # stamped on the part (Ford Policy) this could be parts rejected by QC and never made it to the scrap pile. It has happened!   
    • A solid rebuild on the stock disc/drum system will work extremely well. All new/rebuilt parts with a few key upgrades such as stainless braided flex hoses and semi-metallic friction materials does wonders. 
    • A big issue with older vehicles is rotors and drums out of wear limits. The other related problem is people installing new pads and shoes without having the rotors and drums turned (machined) for a true and proper surface for the new pads and shoes to break into. Sometimes this is done deliberately because having them turned will cause them to exceed the wear limits of the rotors or drums, other times just a quick and dirty brake job by an owner that doesn't know better or an unscrupulous shop.  Good quality pads and shoes and rotors and drums in good condition will provide you with more than adequate brakes. The stock disc/drum brakes in mine function very well, even on windy downhill mountain roads where they get a workout. I've thought about rear discs, more for the cool factor than need, but have other places to better spend my Mustang funds.
    • Seems strange to me that Ford never formally assigned this exhaust tip to a production car but yet some of this unused stock was released to the public.   Also what is ultra strange is that the tip I have with the Ford wrapper printed D1 ZZ5255-D part number on it yet the tip itself has "D1 ZZ5255 D V2K" stamped on one side of it and "T 4710 V2K" stamped on the other side.  Also the Ford oval is not stamped anywhere on this tip like it is on their other more common standard tip. Mac
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    • jtassin  »  jpaz

      I have the same problem!  I bought mine back in 2009.  Got so frustrated with trying to make it work, I gave up.  I have 72mustang Mach 1 Q code w/the 1/2" sway bar.  Still have them both.  How long is the spacers in the end links?  I seem to have the same problems with the end links.  Kept thinking they were the wrong ones.
      Jimmy t.
      · 0 replies
    • clevelandcoupe  »  thunderguns71

      If you do decied to change out the FPA headers, I would be interested in them....
      Thanks, Jay
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    • sojfride40  »  ponypastor

      Thanks for the inquiry. I try to drive it every 10 days-2 weeks. Fortunately, we can purchase Sunoco 100 octane fuel nearby. I do add fuel stabilizer to each tank. Attached are some pictures, including when my Bossd was brand new in 12/70. Notice no front spoiler and vintage Bronco in thwe background

      · 0 replies
    • Stanglover  »  Jhonlobo

      Hello and welcome. Rather than posting on your page, may I suggest clicking on the Introductions section and introducing yourself with a description of your ride and some pics if possible. You will get a bigger response and warm welcome from the membership.
      Geoff. aka Stanglover
      · 0 replies
    • Jhonlobo

      Liquid Manufacturing Plant
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