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    So, my 71 Mach 1 has been down for about 3 years now...but I am feeling better about it because after many different diagnosis, tests and theories, I now know that the carb is bad!  There's no shame in it, the old carb is a 12 year old Autozone rebuild!  I did put a new fuel pump on and tested it, so I know it is getting fuel.  It will start and run if I hold the butterfly down on the carb so a new carb should do the trick!  Maybe a nice chrome Edelbrock will make it run even better!  The sad part is that it took me 3 years to finally figure it out!  I attribute that to several things...I admiringly lost a little interest plus I am getting too old and too fat to work on cars!  It sucks when you know what needs to be done but you sit there and think about "how in the hell am I going to get up off that creeper?"  I did find renewed interest after I got the pump on but now my budget isn't well enough to place that order for a new carb!  Maybe next Summer!  I've been saying that for 3 years now...but this time I meant it!

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    • Don't give up hope. I have had a couple of old Holley carbs but for something I want to drive everyday I would pick the Carter/Edlebrock 625 CFM carburetor with electric choke. I had an "new" one sitting for 20 years in a box and put it on and it started and ran pretty good. I have run them on several 351C motors and for just driving around they seem pretty dependable.
    • Yes, it sounds like 600 CFM is the best bet for a 302!
    • I see in another post of yours, both Don and Chuck are recommending the Summit M2008 600 cfm. I don't have experience with 302's, so follow their advice.  
    • Thanks!  She did turn a lot of heads rolling through town!  Can't wait to get her back on the streets where she belongs! I'm not set on Edelbrock, but I do want something more dependable that the old Holley Autozone rebuild!  I'll have to check that Summit out in a 650 for sure!  Thanks!
    • Very nice car there Rocketfoot, but why the heck do you want to put a Edlebrock carb on it? Personally I don't even like the look of them as they look to me, like they're mounted sideways! They may be a good carb, but I do know a few people who have had these on their car and later changed them. A carb that many seem to really like (Hemikiller for instance) is the Summit Racing's https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-m08750vs, but you'll only need the 650 version. AND it's likely way cheap
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