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  2. Way, way back I had a '31 Model A pickup. I also had a battery powered tape recorder and a friend had a new GTO. I taped him accelerating, stuck a speaker box in the bed of the Model A, it was fun watching people look around for the hot car when I drove by in the Model A. With the modern technology, digital recording, much better speakers, etc., it shouldn't be too difficult to program up some recordings that would play based on throttle position, idle rumble, cruising, accelerating, and so on. Something relatively inexpensive and easily programmable like PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) might work.
  3. ........... it's called a recording and huge freakin speakers in the back!!!
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  5. Ok....but how do you get the classic car exhaust rumble out of an electric motor? im sure someone will find a way...but it’s that rumble that makes the classic car, in my opinion
  6. I think the biggest challenge will be battery packaging. The motor hardware will keep evolving in size, shape, and configuration. But batteries still take up a lot of room. Easy to allow for in a clean sheet design, not so easy in an existing chassis without reengineering.
  7. You can say that about any old car! I'm pretty excited about what is to come for ICE to electric conversions. They can't help but accelerate, brake and corner better than the original configurations. Best part is, you will be able to tune them with nothing more than a smartphone. Want more brakes? Turn up the regen braking knob. Want faster acceleration? Tweak the battery discharge rates. Want better cornering? Play with differential speed control from hub to hub. Don't like the results? Reset the car to its previous settings.
  8. That one is a toy for rich people, for sure. Much like a Foose car, everything on it will be custom made for each customer. I doubt any two will be the same. Totally different than a modern, mass production vehicle with all the safety and engineering advances.
  9. Be cheaper to buy a new Tesla, chop it up, and stick a Mustang body on it. A used one would be much cheaper.
  10. Wow! $400,000?! I know that's a lot of work, but at the end of the day, that car will never handle or be as dependable as a new car designed that way from the start. I honestly can't see them selling any for over $70,000.
  11. There are a bunch of Teslas on Copart now - parts for conversions are out there. There are companies out there that can provide kits to put modern drivetrains and suspensions into old cars, it's just a matter of time before companies can do the same with electric vehicle leftovers. I attend some international conferences for the auto industry now and then. There are companies developing electromotive tech for the majors that are putting their stuff into current vehicles to demonstrate their capabilities. I started a conversation with one of them about providing conversion kits for existing stock - they didn't say no and hinted that I should watch this space. Hot rodders are hot rodders. Somebody somewhere is already trying to figure out how to make their Tesla go faster, or how to cram their Tesla into a (name your car here).
  12. No stones from me. I've been thinking the same thing, if all the bits and pieces (good quality) were available, and not outrageously priced I might go that way. Right now I have a bare 4-bolt block, 2 sets of heads (M code an Q code), and intake manifold. If I can find a machine shop that I feel comfortable with I'm going with a 408 stroker. So far, I haven't found that machine shop. I know that an electric powered vehicle can be pieced together. This one has intrigued me since I first saw it a couple of years ago: Gallery (bloodshedmotors.com) There are places that are selling conversion packages, but I would have to find out more about the quality. There is a startup British company that is trying to develop '60s Mustang electric vehicles, you can pre-order one for just £300,000 (close to $400,000): CHARGE
  13. If you need help in moving it down to you, I can give you a local contact I have used now twice with good success.
  14. Ray, when I purchased my new M code, ram air hardtop in 71, also on the lot was an H code sports roof, auto, with factory ram air. Very few other options. Went with the former as better optioned, including the engine.
  15. Midlife seems to recommend replacing the engine compartment harness so I don’t think they are an option. I’m having a very tough time finding anywhere that has a 71 harness with sport lamps and tach. Seems they are all out of stock.
  16. I've been around the smell of gasoline my entire life. But, (get your stones ready) I have a crazy idea that my next project could be a 7172 with a Ford electric crate. Supposedly they are going to also offer controllers entire. In the future also. I would only even think about doing this on car with no motor. Just a hairbrained idea. Stones away.
  17. That Sprint is to the body shop, just went today to talk about if we continue or not... never seen this before, some pieces are welded over the bodywork
  18. I agree with midlife. No great government plot to force us all into electric vehicles...but it's pretty obvious where it's going. I would say the electrical/battery tech industry is driving the change more than government at this point because Musk and others are developing the tech faster than than anyone in government can react. Just like the Big Data sector. I wouldn't lump the current inflation/gas prices/supply chain issues into the same topic. It will take a while to sort out the disruptions of the last two years, but we will. In the end, I want selfdriving electric cars everywhere...so that idiots and bad drivers aren't a threat to me and my old cars!
  19. Job is done, just need to connect the brake hoses. What torque should I put ?
  20. How dare you! (Actually, now that the 70s/80s are long gone, it's okay to have a C3. Never really cared for side pipes, though, a little too flashy for my tastes. There was one a couple years ago on our local Craigslist that was tempting. It had the big glass hatch, but someone had put the 68-72 front and rear chrome bumpers and panels on it. Looked pretty cool.)
  21. I sent a message to KYB US and I come back as soon as I have an answer.
  22. I don't believe the Ram Air hood was ever delivered on a Grande or any regular (non- 71 Boss) sportsroof "02". I also don't think any non-Mach 302 cars were ever equipped with ram air hoods. (I might be slipping on this one... LOL Let me know!) I think even the very rare 71 Grandes that came with 429's were the non-ram air motors. (I'll try and verify this.) If so I'd want to see their Marti and/or window sticker and/or build sheet. Ray
  23. I like the iridescent colors. Your family has two really nice mustangs. Oh yes, a warm welcome from Germany. Frank
  24. Hello and welcome from Germany, nice pics
  25. Greg Most modern vehicles are already well protected against rust. Plastic rarely rusts. The remaining iron parts are either galvanised or coated. But the new cars are more likely to break down because of electronic problems than because of mechanical defects. I only drive my Mustang in winter after several rain showers have washed the roads clean again after a period of gritting. Frank
  26. Finally got the headers leaks fixed and back on the car. One of the flanges mating surfaces was oversize so I welded it up and ground it down to size. I also added a bung for the O2 sensor for the Sniper. Had limited space for its placement so I made a template so I could mark the exact spot for it. The mating surface was to high causing an exhaust leak. Kind of hard to see but the gasket was deformed because of this allowing it to leak. Welded up. Template to get the proper angle forO2 sensor. Only had about 2" clearance for it to fit. Perfect fit.
  27. Greg In most districts these days, salt brine is sprayed on the roads even when temperatures are suspected to be below freezing. This is to prevent the roads from icing up and to protect today's drivers, who are much better at the levers of their PS4s or X-Boxes than at the steering wheel, from driving into ditches. Frank
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