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  2. Was trying to get a look of a `72 race car that was bought from Bill McClister and posted on here. Thanks.
  3. Don, Thank you. What is the parts catalog that you are referring to? I couldn't find anything on your site. Does the 71' have some type of turn signal canceling cam used with the horn button blow style steering wheel? I cant tell by looking at the parts and body illustrations. Should there be a spring that slips over the internal shaft in the column, at the location where the steering wheel attaches? I have no additional parts between my steering column and steering wheel. ty
  4. Thank you, but still a lot to do.... Rust and painting is still one of the big Projekts the next years
  5. Hey hello, What a nice car as more I see this colour, I think about a painting like that Unfortunately my English is not the best, and till now I did not really come along with this site here.... I didn t get where I can post my car or when I found something, the pictures are too big.... I read something, how to do, but I didn t understand it, because of my poor English knowledge.... And the most translator in internet are terrible I hope one pic does gut in here
  6. Finally put my 7173 decal on with my 2020 National Mustang Day cling.
  7. I think it was some kind of scam...the listing is down and the seller was ejected from ebay, LOL!
  8. Mary Blue, Not to put pressure on you, but where are the pictures??? We LOVE pictures here. Here's mine, Geoff.
  9. Very nice looking car. I love the bright red. Welcome from Ohio.
  10. Sure it's not just the throttle plates base. I've seen a few of those listed for around $40.
  11. That sounds awesome Barry, thanks.
  12. I have upgraded forum upload attachment limits! You can paste image URL's into the post editor from the box on the bottom right that says INSERT OTHER MEDIA. Just grab a URL and paste it in there! Use this for stuff like the Count to 1 Million image thread! You can also paste straight IMG code into the editor such as this: [img][/img] The image will pop up right in the editor box! You can get these codes from 3rd party hosting sites like www.imgbb.com or www.postimage.org. They do work better when you register for free on these sites and upload your pics to your account...you get more posting options that way!
  13. Yeah, I just got an email...it says it has shipped so I have a couple days to wait but Ebay promises 100% refund so no loss! If it's too good to be true...it probably is! LOL
  14. Ok guys...I still haven't found a solution to 3rd party easy photo uploads (you can do them manually but requires cut and paste) so I have increased all group upload allowances! Here is the run down... Members = .25 GB VIP Members = 1 GB Site Supporters/Vendors = 3 GB Benefactors = Unlimited Tech Advisors/Super Mods/Admins = Unlimited That is some serious disc space! To help save space, all images that are uploaded to the server are sized to 1200 X 1200 PX. It is better to save images to the server so they never disappear! 3rd party images do have a tendency to disappear after a while but they cost zero disc space. I would suggest using a 3rd party service like imgbb.com or postimage.org to post images like the 'Count to a Million' photo thread where it doesn't matter if the images last forever but for important stuff like tutorials or such, use the forum upload feature and the images never go away! You can also grab the URL of an image off of Google Image Search and paste it into our 'INSERT OTHER MEDIA' button for unimportant image attachments...this doesn't cost us any disc space and it is fairly easy to do! These practices can save us a ton of disc space, but again...don't hesitate to upload important photos of anything 71-73! Photos of your car, tutorial images, Concurs photos...doesn't matter! Upload them! other stuff can be 3rd party hot linked or URL added! If you have any questions or concerns, post it here or PM me! We want the forum full of beautiful 71-73 photos for ever!! These new limits and practices should help!! You can check your attachment quota anytime by clicking your username in the top right corner and then click MY ATTACHMENTS! (Unlimited groups will not see a quota bar) The extra disc space costs a pretty nice egg! If you are able to donate or upgrade to a VIP member plan, I would greatly appreciate it! Every dollar helps offset what I have to pay out of pocket and insures that we always have the best software and the most reliable hosting! https://7173mustangs.com/forums/donate/make-donation/ Thanks everyone and enjoy the new attachment upload limits!
  15. mpbsr

    Foam Gun

    https://adamspolishes.com/collections/exterior-washing-foam-guns-foam-cannons/products/adam-s-new-standard-foam-gun-32oz Unfort getting bad reviews.
  16. Somehow I miss this post all these years..... 1973 H Code Convertible - 5M - Medium Copper Metallic - June 8, 1973, Built Ford Marketing Sales Vehicle
  17. Having the same problem with the new site. Don't see an option to load pics off the desktop?
  18. Congratulations [emoji41][emoji123] Sendt fra min G8341 med Tapatalk
  19. Welcome from Denmark [emoji41][emoji106] Sendt fra min G8341 med Tapatalk
  20. Welcome from Denmark very beautiful one [emoji41][emoji106] Sendt fra min G8341 med Tapatalk
  21. c9zx

    Synthetic Oil

    This article may help. https://blog.amsoil.com/do-older-vehicles-need-high-zinc-motor-oil/ This as well. Chuck http://www.lockhartmachine.ca/oil_study.html
  22. I'm not sure either...I thought it was a mistype but it has already shipped! I guess we will find out!
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