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  2. I have some originals that ran weak, so I bought new replacements If your car is a driver you can do what I did. Buy a new replacement motor, go to OReilly Auto or wherever you feel and buy the 2way connector for a couple of bucks. Splice the connector onto the new motor wires and it will plug right into your factory harness. Have your original rebuilt, or take it apart and clean it yourself. What failed on your original.? If it is just real slow it could be in the transmission part of the motor. I also learned when redoing my original wiper motor that the brushes and stator ca
  3. Welcome from San Diego. Congrats on the new ride..
  4. When doing my car we did it both ways. Mostly do to time and space. We sprayed most of the parts at my house and did the trunk jam and hinges in the booth. If I had access to two spray booths we would have sprayed it all in pieces . I would do what works with the flow of your build.
  5. Hello everyone i have a surviver 71 429 car, my driver side power window motor has stopped working. Does anyone have a good working motor they are willing to sell. fill free to text me at 512-966-2032 (Tim) Must be working and original
  6. Very cool car! Welcome to the site and congratulations on your purchase. Man, do I like the mach 1 bumper on a yellow car!
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  8. Welcome aboard from League City, Texas Joe! What are your plans for your new steed?
  9. hello all I'm joe from ohio just purchased a 1971 mach 1 with only 26,000 original miles 302 with an automatic. funny thing is I bought it from a chevy dealer here in ohio that also sells classic cars.
  10. Great news to hear! I hear drinking lots of Corona beer also helps keeping one hydrated during the illness. So my bartender told me, and he's an expert at these things...
  11. Agree on the 303 product. I have used it for 20-25 years and always have a gallon for my boat and cars and whatever. It was called aerospace 303 because it was developed for nasa. Works great with really good UV protection while softening the vinyl or plastic and great on fiberglass. I soak wiring harness's in it to soften up the wire coating. Mind you it will not take care of 50 year old wiring under the hot hood.
  12. If these are the green/purple wires, it doesn't matter at all which wire goes onto the two pins. Ford was very good to ensure that one couldn't screw up electrical connections: gender-oriented plugs, and when plugs didn't matter, you could go either way without harm.
  13. Where's that dang StarTrek transporter when one needs it?
  14. Shouldn't the title of this thread read "The end of Ohio?" due to the snow? Oh wait...it's only for six more months!
  15. Thanks Geoff! I knew you had some pics of how you did yours and I am planning on about the same. Also appreciate the info on the length of how much line to get. Saves me from figuring out a few things. Thanks again 👍
  16. I did it the way I have always done it... Just looked at what you suggested and I have to ask why?
  17. Clean them and rinse well, then spray dye them. You cannot duplicate original comfortweave, unique finish, your material condition looks fine, just dye it.
  18. Thank you to all who have responded, and a tearfull head bow to all the loved ones that have been taken by this pandemic. I have beaten this, will be considered 100 percent cleared on this sunday, back to work taking x rays, a new found appreciation for life I have. God bless the 71-73 mustang community, It really feels like a family, thank you. LOL When this started I told people Corona residents probably were IMMUNE!!
  19. I'm sure you've seen my pics of the fuel line I made up for my car. It did take me a couple of tries to get what I wanted and to keep the line at least 1" off the block. I also used as short piece of injector rubber hose to connect to the pump, a, as an easy connection and b, as a vibration buffer. Anyway, these aren't the best pics, but might lead you in the right direction. I used 3/8" copper lined steel fuel line 36" long with 3/8NPT fittings on both ends. I just cut one off. img 0985 is the "around the back" PCV tube I made to make it look more correct.
  20. Did you use the "Other Media" pull down menu at the bottom of the typing box?
  21. Ok so after replacing the hoses and valves etc on the engine side my a/c was not getting the car cold. I went to test the vacuum control system (as set forth in the service manual, and after running the car and turning it to acc the vacuum gauge went immediately to zero. When I got the car the canister was not connected and I attached the 2 hoses in what seemed the correct configuration (the larger engine vacuum line to the larger port and the smaller line (going to the ac control panel to the smaller port. However, after removing the old canister I realized none of the vacuum lines were origi
  22. Well today I picked up my car, a 427 Windsor 73 Mach 1, from the shop and I am more than pleased. I had dismantled the manifold so I could have it powder coated black. They did the install as I am have never been comfortable with "wiring". As has been written easy cold start, crazy throttle response and just a very linear build of power. Going 75 in 5th and I am just touching the pedal. They did a very clean install given the harnesses, wire galore. I had them mount the ECU and connector behind the glovebox. I am glad I waited on Edelbrock getting this system sorted. Now to sell my Edelbrock a
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  24. It is in stock, it is heavy and international shipping is expensive. Message sent
  25. That's good. My Delphi is good so far also. I'm in the same boat. I need to fab up a steel line from the pump to my regulator, and one from my regulator to my carb. I bought all of the bending and flaring tools. I just need a couple of scrap pieces to test my abilities on.
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