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  2. From what I can find on mine which are essentially the same as what I linked Geoff to These lights are roughly 1.5-1.8A and the wattage is roughly 40W per bulb.
  3. The original incandescent headlights drew about 50 watts (4.2 amps) on high beam, halogens draw 60, or more, watts (5 amps). This is an increase of 12% current draw across the switch contacts. Some high power LEDs also say they draw 60 watts. The LED headlight bulbs from SuperBright LEDs draw 2.5, or less, amps.
  4. Did this car have the convenience group? Easy way to tell is if it has a map light in the center dash above the cubby/AC vents. If so, I would like the convenience group harness.
  5. I have a pair of used taillamps form a '71 that are in good condition.
  6. These would be the equivalent. H4 - No Fan - Plug and Play. Probably the exact same part in a different box with a different name on it. You can see how it has the shade on top of the low beam for a crisp cutoff line so you don't blind other drivers. https://www.amazon.com/SEALIGHT-Headlight-Conversion-Xenon-6000LM/dp/B071R3KTBB/ref=sr_1_3?_encoding=UTF8&c=ts&dchild=1&keywords=Automotive+Headlight+Bulbs&qid=1618966536&refinements=p_89%3ASEALIGHT&rnid=2528832011&s=automotive&sr=1-3&ts_id=15730151
  7. The Hella kit comes with Halogens and the boots for the halogens, that I just put in a drawer. I really just wanted those globes. 71-73 are the same. H4 connectors and 7" globes. Insane amount of different cars ran those back in the day. Super common.
  8. Geoff, Hang tight. I can't find them on Amazon now either. Even if I click my order, it takes me to a different part number. Grr.
  9. Painter found some more parts to paint today. Pretty sure he forgot about the bumper til yesterday. Hoping to get the Mach 1 home this Friday. I like to solve complex problems. Can't wait to dig into this project on our own turf once again.
  10. Nice!!! Blue is my favorite color. The tunnel ram will look great cleaned up and sitting on a shelf! Or you could buy another hood and......
  11. Special people? Ha. Your responses are always special... Re read my post. I never had an issue in the early days having the suspension hanging. No spring issues either, but nice try. Carry on.
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  13. I'm interested in the good one Mike. I've seen them on CL from $60.00 on up. What do you want for yours? I know the shipping is going to kill me. LOL Thanks for following up on this. Clinton
  14. So it looks like the gasket does, indeed, fit around the outside of the lip on the panel. Yep, I might as well face it....gonna be cutting some spot welds. Darn it, I thought I was all done back there for a while.
  15. There are always those special people that do not follow Ford manuals and never have an issue. I have original cars with original rubber and they split if you do not block the arms. There is a parts house here that closed in the 80's and has lots of original NOS parts. Rubber is rubber if you compress it to nothing it splits. Your front springs must be shot if they did not split. Never designed to have spring pressure on them only shock pressure which is nothing compared to the springs.
  16. You do not need to compress the gasket much just seal up the opening. This is with DC seals.
  17. I have two on the shelf currently. The first one is fairly rusty on the backside, but the second one is in nicer shape. Here are pictures of them. First picture is the first dash, the other pictures are of the better one.
  18. I have two 1973 Power Window cars a Mach 1 and a Grande. I think there is an outline on the back side for the controls on the door panel. Will look tomorrow. The blue Grande was an Arizona car so interior was toasted, lol. The Ginger is original in N.C. not so much sun. The repo Ginger that I have seen do not look right all splotchy not like originals.
  19. My name is David at CMM. I have full length consoles and one short. I normally put on E-bay and let market decide the price. Can be from $500 to $600 depends on the buyers.
  20. Those look tempting, something else to spend my Covid 19 saving on!!. I would think the draw on those would be considerably lees than Halogen bulbs. Without checking, are the plugs the same between 71 and 73? EDIT: Chris, can you either PM me or post the exact name and number for the LED's. Couldn't find them on Amazon.ca (Canada) The Hella's are $116 Cdn here, not too bad.
  21. There should be the brake light and if you had rear window defogger the light to show it is on and the switch also. Not a great pic but you can see the switch, warning lights to the left of the light switch. The warning light for rear window defogger is maybe 3/8" not as big as yours.
  22. This is an original tail light panel. I put a bead of the 3-M strip caulk around the inside to help keep water out of the crack. I do not wash with running water but might get caught in rain. I would never use the old Ford gaskets they are junk as you can see by all the rusty tail light panels. Daniel Carpenter makes a much better gasket. NPD and all the parts houses sell them. He does not sale direct except in his Ebay store. The Ford seals were big sponges the held water and thus rusted out the tail light panel.
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