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  2. That's an interesting document... Perhaps someone could share it's content...
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  4. Just purchased on ebay Thx shipping talks about mid July to me in Canada...
  5. I will buy it...looks like it will help let me flip to ebay
  6. If RD-72 doesn't want it I will take it. Let me know @MikeGriese and I can paypal you directly.
  7. You need this... https://www.ebay.com/itm/254983919244 (disclaimer - I am the seller)
  8. Having lived in Las Vegas it's completely understandable.
  9. Today I ran the power feed from starter relay to convertible top switch, I now have a fully functional top mechanism!
  10. Between Mikegriese and Midlife, and a couple of replacement cylinders and lines, I now have a fully functional convertible top mechanism, from battery to switch to hydraulics! Thanks guys!
  11. As I live now in Tucson, AZ, this picture/meme is very true!
  12. Horsin’ Around, that looks cool! I like it a lot but perhaps the crease between the scoop and the valence could be a little higher? Maybe it’s just that the extended (forward and downward) meatiness of the valence makes the bumper look a tad small to my eye. Then again, the valence may seem more retracted once the fender extensions are on. I really, really like the continuity of the fender flare into the scoop. I think if you drew the vertical cardboard piece back a tad it would be perfect. That said, I know that it’s just a sketch over the mockup and actually making the piece would probably draw that crease up as you make the scoop sweep upward. Cool idea on the flow from wheel opening to the scoop. Makes my stock scoop look disjointed now!
  13. I found the easiest way was to wind the door window up as it will be, close the door then get inside and move the quarter glass to match the door window. You will have the door glass to line up with and to check it all comes together. You may never get it 100% leak free with new rubbers etc but near enough. Have fun.
  14. Anyone have any words of wisdom to align a rear quarter window on a 72 coupe? I have a slight air leak that I would like to fix prior to putting my interior back together. I need to tilt the rear quarter window forward. I have a copy of the 1972 Ford car shop manual (which has instructions.... but either “I’m thick” or it is as clear as mud) It appears that it is a tedious slow process, so I’m am hoping someone has some experience and can direct me to some shortcuts for efficiency purposes.
  15. It is possible to buy a seal rebuild kit and do it yourself from RockAuto.com. The trick is getting it back together and set up correctly. If you have doubts about doing it, overall it might be better to bite the bullet (again) and buy a new or rebuilt PS box already done. If that were to be the case, you might want to get one that is converted to fast 12.7:1 ratio. I've done my own V/R boxes, so have no experience with companies like Red Hat or Powersteering.com I think it is. If you decide not to get a fast ratio, I would definitely get the variable 16 to 13:1 box, SPA-T or V. While you're in there, do the pump as well, then add new H/P hose and return hose. In other words, do it all, do it right.
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  17. The circuit breaker attaches to the starter solenoid. The wire runs along the passenger side tower brace, the firewall to a hole in the firewall on the outside of the brake master cylinder. That is what the panel grommet fits in. The yellow 3 socket connector is the accessory power for the power top.
  18. I need to know how to route the power feed from the power top switch to the starter relay. I assume it goes under dash, through the firewall somewhere and goes along fender to starter relay? anyone have pics especially where wire and rubber grommet pass through firewall? I know the bullet connector goes in switch wiring, and the circuit breaker end connect to battery side of starter relay. I just need to know the routing path. thanks!
  19. This just in...new item added to the prize list! Our raffle donator has generously added a hard shell carrying case to the prize list! This will be super nice for transporting and storing the inflator and all the small parts that it comes with!! It also adds even more value to the raffle so hurry and get your tickets before time runs out!!
  20. The end of the month is coming FAST! Make sure you get in on the Summer Raffle! Get your tickets NOW!! https://7173mustangs.com/forums/donate/make-donation/
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