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  2. Thanks for your reply and the table! I will have to compromise here and there. As you mentioned , These cars have large tolerances. I had a look at some convertibles on ebay and none of them are perfect with panel alignments, so I guess I have to be less precise with my project sometimes ;-)
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  4. Always liked that style of Recaro, nice choice. While the seats are being refoamed/recovered why not add some seat heaters? I have heard the temperature gets below 60 degrees up there sometimes.
  5. So I went ahead and took apart my tilt column to go through, inspect, clean, paint and figure out why it wasn’t working. first off it should be noted that it was obvious someone had been in here before. first things first. The Plastic blinker cam was broken (big surprise) so I was able to swap that out with a donor I had. secondly I found the pin that locks into the teeth of the tilt (Gear?) was not in properly. So I fixed that! cleaned, checked bearing and re Greased. Painted the housing and housings black after removing rust. Installed a new firewall rubber gaske
  6. What material is used between the roof and drip rail ? And then between it and the piece that hold the weather strip?
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  8. With all your "connections", you MUST know someone with some shop space you can 'borrow'. Working outside sucks at the best of times. I only have a 1 car garage (would be a 2 car in the UK!!) but when I have had to pull the motor, I have to do it in the driveway, then push the car back in.......... and that's on a SUNNY day! As others have said, take your time and you'll be fine.
  9. Hello and welcome from SW Ontario. Very nice toy you have there. There are lots of well informed 429 guy here to hep out where needed, I'm just not one of them. Geoff.
  10. Rimblow steering wheel for sale. Not too bad of shape is say it's a good core. Asking 75 plus shipping. please email me at ruskiem44@gmail.com for more pics and info. Thank you
  11. In NJ no inspection required for cars with historic plates.
  12. Welcome! Great screen name. Can't believe nobody scoffed that up already. And I agree great car!
  13. 71 429 SCJ here... 1971 Mach 1 429SCJ Built 12/04/70 3 Bright Red 5E Vermillion 4.11 Detroit Locker Close Ratio 4-Speed Transmission Magnum 500 Chrome Wheels Deluxe Marti report puts it as a 1 of 1
  14. Sorry I'm late to this but I see you're breaking up the power windows. Do you still have the passenger door motor? Thanks
  15. The "bad" on these cars is rust. Convertibles have an "inner rocker" box structure that helps to replace the support lost with the removal of the roof. That inner rocker tends to rust out due to design, owner neglect and not being properly protected at the factory, and is a major job to replace. The other spots to watch for rust are typical Mustang locations - trunk floor, taillight panel, quarter panels, door bottoms, cowl, inner fender aprons, shock towers, etc.
  16. I am building a 351C 408 stroker for my 70 Mach 1 M-code, The original block was already at .030 over. I would like to keep the original block, but I don't want to go to .040 for all the usual reasons. My engine builder says the cylinder walls look good and he thinks the block will clean up at .032. If it does, he will then order a set of .032 Diamond pistons. He tells me Diamond for a nominal price will allow one custom option. If the block was not original, I just assume swap it for a block with a factory bore. Anyone else over bored their block to something other than the common .005, .020,
  17. Rather just an edit, I was rethinking my comments above. If you have good mechanical skills, a rebuild seal kit is available from Rock Auto or many other vendors, is not expensive. It is not that hard to take a PS box apart, but you need to do your research on the process. There are many videos on YouTube, some are crap, other ok, but that is how I learned to do mine. It's not getting it apart and cleaned up, it's getting it back together with correct preloads. There has been a lot posted on rebuilding. The main areas of concern and why you may have to buy a new or rebuilt, is wear at th
  18. So I just bought some of the Prestone flush fluid. I used a bottle in my ‘31 Model A—drove it about an hour, idled for a while, then drained it. Flushed with fresh water for another 30 minutes or so after that and then refilled the system. So far, it seems to be better. I was worried about it being aggressive to an old radiator (90+ years!), and I do have an area in the middle of the radiator that looks corroded (green) but it isn’t leaking now and wasn’t leaking there before. I am planning the same treatment for my ‘69 after the head gasket leak test. Glad to hear you don’t have a HG le
  19. You know what’s interesting is that I can tell this lone had been replaced before. And the connection to the proportioning is SEIZED. That’s why the stainless line isn’t actually connected yet. I heated up the proportioning valve quite a bit in hopes to free it up and it did not work. Now I’m thinking I should prob replace that too
  20. Thanks for all the welcomes and kind words! Yes, my son is a fortunate kid and the only reason we went down this path is because he truly realizes how fortunate he is. A true rarity these days. I am sure glad the Holley system has a programmable rev limiter! I keep telling him I will be setting it at 3500 RPM's Glad I came across this site! Lot's of great info on these most great years of the Mustang. How does one become a site supporter? I looked at the "supporter" thread and the link is not found...
  21. Maybe I am too simple minded and not very mechanically inclined. But when I got my 1968 AMX years ago I did the same thing. I do not remember the size of the carbs I swapped on that 390 but again I bolted on the new one (Edelbrock) and just drove. Just put it in, few minor adjustments and it ran great for the next 7 years while,I had it. I remember a co AMX owner, very mechanically inclined put an EFI on his 360 and could never go out without the tow trucks phone number handy lol.
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  23. On mine, I decided to add a set of aftermarket gauges and built my own center stack using a factory gauge part, keeping my original safe and sound in a box. As the speedo cluster has no chrome around the gauges, I just painted the chrome strips black, which for this, looks way better. I did try chrome paints and tape, but decided it looked terrible.
  24. Yesterday, I got started on floor pans. I started on the drivers side and got the front portion cut out. I thought I might be able to save the seat riser, but the rear flange was rusted out. It was covered with fiberglass, so it wasn't seen until I was able to get the wire wheel to it. While cutting the floor pan out, I found that there were actually portions of three floor pans in the back, between the driver side seat riser and the torque box. Yes, it's a mess. As I was cleaning all the fiberglass and ropey, snot-looking welds up, I discovered that there som
  25. I should have the seats in about 2 months. The lead time on them was 12-14 weeks. Once they show up I'll make a separate thread. I'm pretty excited about the Recaro seats.
  26. I just noticed the Mustang it took me awhile to see it.
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