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  2. +1. They work very well and do not feel 50 years old at all. Oh and while at it, I have bought the Stainless classic tube kit from CJP a while back for my 71. As I need/want to change all the lines. You can see it's quality on first sight, nice labeling to quickly know where all goes, good fittings with their threads nicely treated. For $50 I really don't see the need to spend hours making lines or even doubt if changing old rusty lines could wait. I don't know why they are so affordable btw. I recall replace the rear end line with the same brand 20 years ago on my 73 and only that bit was
  3. And which other places could be better than spending mustang funds on the mustang?? :D Btw any picts of your horse on here?
  4. some serious progress happening there, appreciate all the hard effort and progress you're making, one step at a time....
  5. Got around to putting on my subframe connectors. Was hoping Santa would do it but I guess I was a bad boy so I had to do it myself. I know one thing for sure - I HATE welding laying on my back under the car! In my next life I will have a lift. Also welded in wideband o2 sensor bungs in the exhaust. Dry fit before prepping for welding. Welded and primed. Will spray with finish when the weather gets a little warmer.
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  7. it is in great shape but what does it connect?
  8. David, starting in 1984, Ford started painting the Fox Mustangs "9L" Oxford White. So while you feel the rest of you is falling apart, your eyesight is fine. Oxford white is a pure white, so no yellowish look!
  9. Besides here you might want to try ebay and the facebook group 7173Mustangs.com. Good luck.
  10. Spike, I wouldn't want to get "pulled out my ski(s)" on take-off behind that boat!!! Instant enema.
  11. Hello Mac, I'm afraid some of these mysteries we run up on may never get the answers we seek. We are dealing with fifty-year-old cars where even if the engineers were in their twenties in 71-73, they are now in their seventies and retired long ago. So we don't have anyone to ask, "Why did this happen" that would have a clue. Like I mentioned in my previous post, design and engineering development start 2-3 years before these vehicles even get near a production line. Thousands of parts, both existing and new are entered into the parts and service system for each vehicle line. These are con
  12. A solid rebuild on the stock disc/drum system will work extremely well. All new/rebuilt parts with a few key upgrades such as stainless braided flex hoses and semi-metallic friction materials does wonders.
  13. A big issue with older vehicles is rotors and drums out of wear limits. The other related problem is people installing new pads and shoes without having the rotors and drums turned (machined) for a true and proper surface for the new pads and shoes to break into. Sometimes this is done deliberately because having them turned will cause them to exceed the wear limits of the rotors or drums, other times just a quick and dirty brake job by an owner that doesn't know better or an unscrupulous shop. Good quality pads and shoes and rotors and drums in good condition will provide you with more
  14. Seems strange to me that Ford never formally assigned this exhaust tip to a production car but yet some of this unused stock was released to the public. Also what is ultra strange is that the tip I have with the Ford wrapper printed D1 ZZ5255-D part number on it yet the tip itself has "D1 ZZ5255 D V2K" stamped on one side of it and "T 4710 V2K" stamped on the other side. Also the Ford oval is not stamped anywhere on this tip like it is on their other more common standard tip. Mac
  15. Very interesting! Learn something new every day. Thanks for the info!
  16. Vintageman: Hood molding is original to my knowledge...it was on the car when I bought it in '86. Seeing the differences between Trevynd's and mine, I wonder if the design changed for '73?
  17. I bought the repop hood trim and had to cut it to clear the front lip on the hood. There are two different styles as you've found out. I acquired a nice straight original hood trim, that I plan to use in the future.
  18. If no one here has a nice used set, you can purchase them from Don@ Ohio Mustang Supply. Don is a site member/supporter/vendor here and offers what he knows is the best of aftermarket/repo parts. https://www.ohiomustang.com/store/order_page.asp?itemid=432
  19. No special sealing is required. Hopefully the owner is smart enough to never use this engine in salt water. Marine engines require some different clearancing, and component choices, as opposed to useage in a car, and usually get more "dolled up" due to the fact that most everything is visable. The boat is purple metalflake and white, which is why the owner requested the block match in purple metalflake.
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