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7173Mustangs.com Mission Statement

7173Mustangs.com was created as a non profit medium to help promote and support the 1971 to 1973 Mustang Hobby. All VIP Memberships purchases and misc. donations are used to support the forum. We are in no way affiliated with Ford Motor Co. The comments and views expressed within our pages may or may not reflect those of the site staff or admin.


7173Mustangs.com Forum Rules and Guidelines

By registering and participating in these forums, you are agreeing to acknowledge and follow these forum rules and guidelines.

1. Spam will not be tolerated. If you join these forums with the sole purpose of spamming, your account will be banned or deleted. Signature banners and homepage url's have been disabled for new members to help prevent spam. They are automatically activated when a member hits a certain number of forum posts.

2. Do not post anything illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, street racing stories and running form the police stories. (The only exception would be stories from the old days when street racing was part of the culture. Modern street racing is illegal and dangerous to the driver as well as innocent bystanders.)

3. Do not post anything political, racial, homophobic or explicitly sexual.

4. Do not post anything that is rude, inflammatory, harassing or instigating. Do not post anything that sows discord by starting arguments or upsetting people either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. Whether intending to disrupt a thread or not, the results are the same. Posting such a remark will get you warned. Repeated violations will get you banned.

5. No nudity. Generally, if a photo is something you would see at a family beach, it is OK to post here.

6. No profanity in thread titles. Mild profanity in discussions is fine but use common sense...no one wants to read a profanity laden topic that would make a cement truck driver blush!

7. No shock imagery such as grotesque accident photos or otherwise repulsive material.

8. This site is set up primarily to support the 1971 - 1973 Mustang hobby. We have members and visitors whose religious, political and societal beliefs may differ so those are issues which will NOT be addressed in the public forums. Any such threads will be deleted and the poster will be banned for repeated occurrences. The only forum that these topics may be discussed is the VIP Lounge.

9. Any material posted or uploaded to these forums can be used by 7173Mustangs for forum related purposes including, but not limited to, advertising, calendars and artwork. 7173Mustangs cannot be held accountable or responsible for any material posted or uploaded. If you suspect any copyright infringements, please contact the Admin.

Social Media Due to the sharing features contained in the forum, anything you post could be copied to Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.

Classifieds and Advertising The free classified section is for members to sell 71-73 Mustang cars and parts items. All items including parts and complete cars must be priced. Anything commercial or business related is not allowed in the classified section. If you would like to be considered for a spot as an advertiser on 7173mustangs.com, please contact RocketFoot. We will make all efforts to keep scams and scammers off our site, but we cannot be held responsible for anything advertised by other parties on our forums. As with any internet source, buy and/or sell at your own risk.

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About Us

7173Mustangs.com is a community forum designed especially for fans and owners of the 1971, 1972 and 1973 Ford Mustang! We are not affiliated with Ford Motor Company in any way.


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