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  1. After 40 years my top cylinders have had it:) They were leaking for a while so it is time to replace them. I bought two new cylinders and a hose kit from CJs. Had all I need to put this together. First problem with all this is that even though the cylinders are listed most places as left and right, my research shows that what you get are actually the same, the replacements are not really left and right specific. The factory orientation has the top input as towards the rear, and the bottom input facing towards the interior. Note below the difference in the upper input orientation between the factory drivers side, and the replacement "RH" side which is exactly the same orientation as the LH side Old: New: Fortunately it can still be installed without interference with the input facing forwards instead of rearwards as factory. Just need to make sure the hose is pointing in a good direction: On to the next "issue". The old cylinders have a standard 37 degree inverted flare. Kinda hard to see here, but you can make it out: And here's the new one, with no inverted flare. They include a flat neoprene or rubber washer (can't tell what the material actually is, but feels like hard rubber): Now, this wouldn't really worry you too much if the new hose set had a flat interface, but it doesn't. It's also a standard 37 degree flare fitting, if not a little beefier than the standard hose set. Sorry, don't have a picture of these at the moment, but I felt I needed to sand the flare fitting a little to make a seal instead of them possibly just cutting into the seal. Saga is not over with yet, the new Scott Drake hose set is leaking at one of the fittings. Seems to be between the transition from the block to a tube and not where the tube is crimped. Probably cracked when crimped. Stay tuned............... Greg
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