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  1. Thats a hard area to place filler and sand. Its not for the faint of heart but YOU CAN DO IT!! take it slow, putting on and sanding off is common but it can take its toll on your attitude. I have sacrificed a plastic spreader in the past to try to get a uniform coat on a wheel lip. Take a piece of cardboard and trace out the lip of the wheel well on it. Transfer that over to a large plastic spreader and cut it out. This will help spread the filler to a uniform thickness which should remain as thin as possible giving you the proper contours as well, your really shooting for a skim coat. Thats not the Ideal situation but its a method I have personally used in a pinch and will work. I would rather see no filler or just small amounts but Id also rather see $100,000.00 show up on my bank account magically overnight. What Im saying is sometimes you just have to make it work if at all possible. Here are some blocks that are flexible http://search.eastwood.com/search?w=flexible%20sanding%20blocks The foam style blocks with the 3 rods in them are suppost to work well but I have not used them personally. so that is not a testimonial. I use to have a a bluepoint rubber block that had some flex in it and it was 8-10" long it is what I would use but it grew legs and walked away at some point. The key is to work it (hard to describe, Id rather show you) with the side of the block pushing toward the wheel well lip on the main surface of the quarter panel. Work it around the lip sanding off high spots but at the same time trying to keep the contour of the panel. Once again thats a really hard area to work, sneak up on it don't try to sand it off too fast, Thats when the put it on sand it off roller coaster shows up. I wish I could help more and I don't believe I clearly stated the sanding technique. I've also know guys that have made blocks out of various material to meet the challenge at hand. Thats my attempt at helping for what it is worth. Dennis
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