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  1. Hello All, Here are some of the tricks I use to simplify the 4R70W computer controlled transmission installation into the 71 to 73 cars(same exact procedure for 67-70 as well). I have posted several pics with descriptions in my photobucket folder found here http://s1081.photobucket.com/user/Joepersad1/library/ go to my library and under each pic is a description of the image which speaks to installation and what you are seeing. for those with 351C engines the oem h pipe from the Mustang suppliers fits PERFECTLY, those with 302/351W will have to do exhaust shop work. I am unable to photo the shift rod installed because its barely visible in the tunnel but is self explanatory as far as installation. To set the shifter position correctly: attach the round end(of the shift rod) to the trans arm and tighten retaining floater nut. Attach the slotted end on shift lever that goes into the car but dont tighten it yet.. Set the trans by hand to neutral (3 clicks back from full forward) and put your shifter lever in neutral also. Now look at the Baumann controller readout and verify the trans thinks is in neutral also or move the range selector switch (bolt holes are slightly slotted to allow this adjustment) slightly until it does then snug down the 2 retaining nuts that hold it to the trans body. Now snug down the shift rod nut as well and to verify proper operation go through all the gears with the controller and it should correspond with your gear selection. The bushings have to be in good condition if the shift arm is sloppy you MUST fix it first. Hope this helps a little, will expand with more info as we go forward with questions, Joe
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