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  1. Halicki himself claimed that he used a generic school bus yellow during a business interview with former forum member Kit Sullivan back in the '70s. If anyone on this earth knows more about it, they haven't come forward. Probably the best thing at this point would be to match up a yellow from the original Eleanor; whether paint chip or an actual paint scan of the body. -Kurt
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  2. Anyone notice the car he's standing in, has been burnt, that explains the rust color, only paint left is a small portion of yellow on the rocker panel. Dash pad and steering wheel burnt right down to the wire. Just saying, likely reclipped due to damage from accident. Especially if he needed a car for stunts. Car has non nasa hood with clip pins. Panels would be replaced due to fire damage. I think that this may have been a car that was stolen and burnt, then resurrected, removing damaged date coded panels, front clip and serialed motor/trans. Just an idea
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