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  1. Well, I have to be honest here, I never really liked the 71-73 body styles. The 7173 body style just looked to big for me...and I know not really any bigger than the 6970. I was always a 6970 and 6768 lover...I really didn't even like the 6566 cars for some unknown reason. I then went out and purchased a 71, since joining this forum and paying more attention to the 7173 at car shows and from everyones posts...I can now say I am loving the 7173s...Everyone on this site has such different tastes, I see such a variety of cars. I have driven my 71 more this past season than any of my other cars, and have received so many compliments when I go to shows...Yeah they may not be as liked as some of the earlier cars but those individuals have never owned one... 7173 lover
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  2. So I did install it last winter. The EGR hole had already been tapped and plugged. I just removed the EGR and remounted the carb. All good! Thanks Matt. And thanks to Ohio Mustang. Order sent. :-) .....And that is who I got it from as well.
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