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  1. I have had a 1406 for a few years now and it was a huge improvement over the leaking 4300 D. It starts better in cold weather and has improved performance. John J
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  2. I have a 1406 too. Are you saying these can't overflow? As in, they do not leak? I like that idea :-) They can always overflow if the floats are stuck open and overfill the bowls... they'll push the excess fuel out through the vents, of course (just like any other). But if you look at a Holley (and most other performance carbs, actually), there are some thick gaskets/seals between the main body and the bowls running vertically. The Edelbrock is a solid-cast, single-piece unit with a 'lid,' basically. The only chassis seal is the one between the base and the 'lid,' aside from the on
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  3. I liked the Edelbrock 1406 on the car when I got it but when we replaced the intake I went with a Quick Fuel based on what I read here. The car runs great with what seems like smoother transitions off idle and more linear power. We made other changes at the same time the carb was done so I cannot say the better ride is soley due to the Quick Fuel of course.
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