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  1. Dude, I actually went thru this exercise recently since I wanted the factory temp gauge in addition to a "real" gauge. The factory sender was kept installed in its original location and the other npt connection on the water pump was occupied with the DVCV. I ended up using a heater hose adapter from autometer. It needs a ground wire run to the engine and its placed in the hose going "to" the heater core. The return heater core hose was a few degrees cooler so doublecheck with an IR gun if not sure which hose is hotter. Seems to work fine with the autometer temp gauge and the numbered reading matches what I was seeing with the factory gauge. Also nice in that it can be hidden under the frame support member so its not as noticeable as being in the radiator hose. https://www.autometer.com/5-8-heater-hose-adapter.html
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  2. You might want to conside finding 1974 - 1976 FORD CAR TRUCK 351M 400 THERMOSTAT HOUSING D5AZ-8592-A. It will fit a 351C and has threaded ports for such things as a temp sender or PVS vacum switch. Best to put your temp sensor as close to your thermostat as possible.
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