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    Ah, Eureka moment! The "unread content" is what I was looking for, just more concise . I'll use that more in future and I expect others will follow suit. For me, computer stuff is not my bag. Heck, I even had to have my son show me how to set up a new folder today. It was easy for him, not so much for me. I'll stick to mechanical things.
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    I'm replacing mine in a few weeks with EZ-on. https://ezonauto.com/
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    Thank-you for the update. I listed the part numbers from WCCC needed to rebuild the shifter for others to use. I will double check this information once I rebuild mine. List does not include a NSS or pointer indicator. qty 1 - 14129 Bulb Type 1893 qy 1 - 15811 Light Blue Diffuser qty 1 - 20122 Bushings (pair) qty 1 - 41366 Light Shield qty 1 - 14248 Shifter Arm Seal qty 1 - 11295 Bushing & Insulator Kit qty 4 - 53205 Shifter flat nuts qty 1 - 41376 Cable access plug (Used)
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    Not near enough It was a bang and a thump 100 yards from my destination. Glad I walked back and found the part or the block would be a total loss. Either way I'll pick the bast block I have and have it machined 95% to keep as a spare. I am building the 29's engine, but the block is at the machinist for the 1 piece rear main seal conversion until August-I might use that block as I have already done the oil restriction mods and reamed the lifter bores for sleeves. Waiting for the final cleaning until all is done. The Wydendorf kit worked well for reaming them out and was less time consuming than expected. I guess the good thing is that I actually like building engines, just wish it was a little less expensive sometimes.
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    Im working on installing one of the Holley EFI's and I ended up buying a new tank and then this pump will be going into it. It is internally regulated so no return line which is nice.
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    I have this tank with the 340 pump. It fits perfectly. Still don't have her running yet though, 4 years in...
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