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    got mine yesterday.. looks wonderful.. wear it today..
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    We are up to 40 members on the map!! Do I hear 50?
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    Had a buddy come by yesterday and show me how to remove the windows. Out with the old! Getting it prepped for blasting interior, engine bay and underside (outside Panels will be sanded by hand)
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    Let’s see em!
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    Got mine today, my daughter bought it for me for Father's Day. Looks great and fits too, bonus! Great job RocketFoot, thanks! Mike
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    This forum tagline says Fans & Owners of 71-73 Mustangs so, yeah...you're good! Stick around!
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    Hang around, we need the entertainment! Chuck
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    Never had a problem with Magnums, original or repo. Torque them properly, good to go.
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    Thanks for the video! I really enjoy seeing someone having some fun and being constructive at the same time! Give us some more Please :-)
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    Be Careful with your dis assembly! If that is a true 429 4 speed car, you have a high end VIN. I noticed a lot of comments you made about "I've got new metal, so I'll just replace it" If you have the original sheetmetal with proper date codes, you can only keep value to the car. Watch the seat risers too. Not sure if they are reproducing the fastback seat risers yet or not. kcmash
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    This is on Charlotte Motor Speedway the Roval. Lot of fun they had a pace car but I talked to several in front and back of me and we made a plan to fall back and go wide open down the back stretch. The old 73 vert would almost hit 100 and there was a Mustan II behind me with 460 and 2 -4 with blower running all over me.
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    The fronts are 4.5" and the rears are 5.25". Both have a 1mm offset. These are one piece wheels and can't be custom sized per US Mags so these are right off the shelf. Not bad for non custom.
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    Welcome from Birmingham, AL
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    Here's something interesting, a cutaway view from the cover of a '71 Haynes manual.
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