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  1. Hey Bentworker, That sounds good. Please PM me and let me know how we can settle up, and I can get you my shipping address. Ron
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  2. Because you know what it looks like, shouldn't be too hard to make a close replica: https://bestlicenseplateframes.com/custom/car-license-plates-frames/standard-metal.html
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  3. After you take it out once, you'll find the benefit of not having to rebuild it. Clutches never seemed to last very long for me, for some reason.
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  4. You’ll be glad to know I have new cowl panels on the way! New panels in for sure
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  5. That's right folks...July marks 10 years that 7173Mustangs.com has been in existence! 10 years and almost 8000 members and we are still growing by leaps and bounds! Every day, I am still humbled by what a GREAT community we have! Everyone is so knowledgeable, helpful and generous! I still say it isn't the forum that makes the community great...it is the members that make it amazing!! In this day and age of Facebook, we have seen a drop in activity but the forums are still the best place for solid information! The data we have is easier to find and organized much better! Facebook ma
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  6. Hey guys...I just realized that I never added the Google Custom Search back to the new forum! Well, it is BACK!! You can find it at the top of the side bar on the index page or under the Content tab up top! Now you have two powerful search features to use when you need to find something on the forums FAST!!
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  7. I've heard White Lines Matter.........
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  8. As you can see, body work is what I am doing now. Its very time consuming. But I enjoy working with metal. You can make a mistake and go back and fix it without buying a new part (unlike newer cars with all the plastic panels, etc).
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