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  1. I don’t know if there is a practical way to check the valve without a test bench gizmo that steering shops have.. You could plumb a 2000psi pressure gauge in the pressure line and see what is going on. The pressure should be low when there is no force being applied to the steering wheel (20- 150 psi?) The valve should be porting oil from the pressure to the return port. Once you give the steering wheel a turn one way or the other you should see the pressure come up a bit as the valve is porting oil to one side of the piston or the other. How high it goes would depend on what kind of surface the car is on and how wide the tires are. When you hold the steering wheel at full lock the pressure should jump up to whatever the relief is set at on your pump.
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  3. Very late into the game here. I do not post much, and don't like to be confrontational. Back in the day they were totally exciting. Why? The big three were the game in town for us under 25. We did not go to the BMW or Porsche dealership. I don't know if we even had one. The Japanese cars were not on the same par in quality at the time, and so if you were a car person, they were not on your "list". I was thrilled when I got my 71 Mustang. Would have got a 429 but could not afford it. Were they a great car by today's standards... no, but that was not the time. Enjoy today's cars today, and tomorrow tomorrow. I can only imagine what will be said about a 2020 Mustang in 40 years, if they care.
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  4. Painting finished, now for the final assembly. All interior parts are finished and ready to go back in.
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