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  1. Today, I took a few more new pics of my Mach 1. Here's three, but checkout my garage for others.
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  2. Well, it's in. Looks good enough for the girls I go with. Job done.
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  3. Thanks for the info on the bushings sounds like a future upgrade
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  4. ... after more than 3 years of hard, hard restoration work (see my pictures in the GARAGE section) I enjoy with my wonderful wife the power and beauty of our orange 1971 C351-4V RAM AIR MACH 1 just anywhere on the road. This car was forgotten for a long time -burried in a dark garage for 31 (!) years long- and now this MACH 1 is on the road again. Loud and proud. I took these pictures ON THE ROAD in the last months in Switzerland where we live ... we share this with you and we hope you can feel the good vibrations of our MACH 1 world ...
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