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  1. Just sitting here after a 100 mile drive looking at my car having a beer thinking………. Who does not find these lines sexy as hell! ?????? Anyone????
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  2. Hi every one.I decided just to throw the front end on to see how she looks and to see how I'm going to have to make plans to do the flares.As well as planning and figuring a bunch of other things,such as tow hooks,possibly moving the oil cooler from where they were on the 70s,how low the front spoiler is amongst other things.I'm staying with the Mach1 bumper as the bumper really isn't that heavy,it's the support that's got the weight to it,so that thing is going on a diet. The only place for tow hooks on the front is to weld them to the bumper brackets.And If I cant find a factory tie down for the rear I'm just going to copy one. I also have the manual box in it now,still the stock ratio.The power box is never going back in.It steers way to nice with a big block in it. Taking the day off,I'll be back at it tomorrow.
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  3. This is a bit of a ramble -- I'm just so thrilled my car is running (and running good!) it's hard to organize my thoughts around "What next?" Actually, when the car came to me by carrier, the driver drove it off the truck and I drove it from the street to my driveway. That was the first time I drove it; today was the second. Now I need to figure out what next besides the obvious, and in what order. Have replaced: timing chain, water pump, alternator, radiator, thermostat, fuel tank, sender, etc., battery and a rebuilt p/s pump. But I hit the wall trying to get it started again so I sent it to professionals (lol). Dang -- now it starts by just looking at the key (it seems). Hope that lasts. But the first real drive, just a few miles because the tires are (very) old: the acceleration is *excellent*, mufflers have an awesome, deep rumble and brakes are good (good pedal response, no squeaks or pulling and they stop the car). Steering is well assisted but overall front suspension seems a little squishy and vague. Both front and rear seem to bounce a bit more than is normal. Transmission engages without issue, shifts normally, downshifts unnoticeable. All the gauges work. Tach, too! The obvious: need a new top and tires. Tires are a conundrum because I don't plan to keep the current wheels (first choice is forged aluminum slot mags). And ultimately a paint job, but that has to wait until a visit to the body shop. Except for tires, I place all that in the appearance category, which is a lower priority than getting a safe, drivable & reliable vehicle. All that aside, I am just so dang happy. And I couldn't think of anyone that would appreciate that more than y'all.
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  4. New to this site. I just bought my 72 Mach 1 Mustang back that I had in High School/College in the 70’s. Sold it to my uncle in 1979 and he held onto it all these years. It needs some work and I’m looking for a few parts!
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  5. Bentworker, Probably need a little angle to avoid inadvertently creating lift.
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  6. I just spent several days under my dash wiring in the new EFI. Never have I had such neck and shoulder pain... and it lasted for days! I'm sure it is not because I am getting older and more out of shape. It must be that the dash is getting closer to the floor. Darn gravity!
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  7. Well it is a manual and to be honest, I didn't think of upping the idle speed enough to power it. Maybe next time eh! As I had the part (cable) and tools only a mile away, a road side fix was my first thought. Fitting the new cable only took a few minutes, connecting the pedal was a different story, poor light, failing eyesight, a body that doesn't bend and fold like it once did proved to be the hard part. Oh well, all fixed now for hopefully another 12 years. By then I'll be too old to drive it, let alone fix it.
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