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  1. Had a similar situation where I was clocked at 62 in a forty zone. The motorcycle cop checked my paper work and told me him and his dad where working on installing a big block in his '69 Camaro. He said he understood my need to jump on it from time to time then said "try not to"and left. mike
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  2. 73'mach1, 10 years ago, I would have called Don's statement rubbish, but the fact is it's very true (at least where our iron heads are concerned. Pretty sure this all came about when the MoCo started dropping compression ratios and then everyone thought compression ratio was the ONLY way to build power, blame it all on the Boss and its (advertised compression ratio and horsepower).
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  3. Harvested some bugs today with the radiator. Drove the car about 120 miles over a 4,310’ pass. Was fun but LOUD with no interior or glass
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  4. My first 71-73 Mustang restoration, a 1972 Mach 1. She was dubbed "Kermit" for obvious reasons.
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  5. "To the moon, Alice!" I wonder how many of you will recognize the phrase...
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