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  1. rocketfoot@7173mustangs.com It's gmail based and should have a large limit!
  2. Yes! The mobile version uses the "Hamburger" Menu for most of the site navigation.
  3. We currently don't have any logo merchandise available but watch the forums for announcements when we do!
  4. They are all great, bu submit several if you can...sometimes I have to work a photo into a layout and it helps to have several versions to choose from! Thanks!
  5. Ok guys...I have seen some GREAT photos around the forum lately! Now is the time to pic your favorite photos and submit them in this thread for consideration in the 2021 www.7173Mustangs.com Calendar!! Make sure you submit the best quality/high resolution photos that you can! If they are too big to upload, email them to me at rocketfoot@7173mustangs.com You can send multiple views or even interior/engine photos as well. I am also looking for 71-73 Mustang Girl photos for a separate annual calendar...if you have any high res pics, you can email those to me also! The new y
  6. Great pics! Make sure you submit a high res of your favorite for the 2021 www.7173Calendar!! (Coming Soon!)
  7. It is unique! About 2 more weeks to get your tickets!! 1 ticket for $5 or 5 tickets for $20!!! Great odds of winning!
  8. Ok guys...I added a member notepad to the profile page! Your Notepad is private from other members but the staff is able to view them. Here is a little tutorial I made on how to use the Notepad! Enjoy!!!
  9. There is a plugin I could add called Bookmarks...it allows members to bookmark and save just about anything including threads, individual posts, gallery pics....etc. It's much more complex than a member notepad but I hate to buy it and add it if it does basically what the Follow feature does. I am looking into the member pad but I am not sure if it exists just yet!
  10. Here is a new entry from the 7173 Wiki Blog! Click the link at the bottom to read the full article ! So, you think you know what you’re doing eh? You think you have it all worked out? …yeah right… I had a perfectly good Green 02 body Mustang 1971. It took me 6 months to find(because I was being super picky) and owned it for 2 years. Before buying another, I had to remind myself of what I had to do to sort out the green one. Although the chassis and bodywork were as solid as a 16th century castle, it had a problems/jobs list that would have made “Roadkill” Freiburger and
  11. Thanks Geoff! Have you tried following the threads you want to keep quick access to? Check this tutorial out and see if that is what you need!
  12. The original themes are still available in the theme chooser! But try this new one out! It is basically the same but adds custom 7173 graphics to the headers and other special features. You can adjust the font right from the theme settings icon! You'll like it, just check it out!
  13. You may or may not notice a little different look to the forums today! We upgraded to a custom theme set that includes light and dark versions and several different 71-73 header images! The new theme also includes some fine tuning that you guys can specify! Over all, the themes are very close to the default theme we were using, except for a few new controls at the top right! The moon/light bulb icons change from light to dark mode on the fly. The setting slide icon brings up the user controlled theme settings where the fun stuff is! If you were using Dark Road theme, you may not
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