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  1. Just a bump to remind everyone to try the UNREAD CONTENT link at the top of every forum page! I am still hearing a lot of complaints about this feature missing but it is actually still available on the new software! This is the main way I view new content every time I log on! Just click it, browse the results and then click MARK SITE READ and you will be ready to use the unread content button all over again! Here is a screen shoot of where the button is...
  2. Every one keeps mentioning about going through every post?? Don't forget, there is an UNREAD CONTENT button at the top of every page!! This only shows new stuff that you haven't read yet...
  3. You're welcome and thanks for the great story! Best wishes to Mustang Sally from all of us here!!
  4. Sorry, I am completely out of shirts now! We may do a refill order but it will have to be 72 pieces so it may be a while until we get it off the ground.
  5. How would you like to WIN 5 FREE raffle tickets for our Summer 2020 Raffle? Well, you can...and it is easy!! Just enter your location on our Member Map and you will be automatically entered to win 5 free raffle tickets for the Aug.31st, 2020 drawing! If you are already on the map, you are already entered to win the tickets!! This chance to win was brought to us by another anonymous donor who covered the cost of the 5 raffle tickets so be sure to post a BIG THANK YOU to this donor as well!! So what are you waiting for? Get your marker on the map...it is easy and safe. You can just enter your zip code so you don't have to post your exact location! Here is the link to the map...any questions or problems, post them up or PM me! https://7173mustangs.com/forums/membermap/
  6. Have you purchased your raffle ticket yet? Great chance to win one of the most awesome, rechargeable lights ever made!
  7. I have had Verticlescope and some other forum buyer company contact me several times trying to buy...but I wouldn't ever do that! (Well maybe if they offered like a million bucks or something, LOL!) But they do tend to kill a forum when they take over! They also convert all forums to vBulletin which is one of the worst softwares out there to use!
  8. You can click on the time posted timestamp and it will give you a permalink URL that you can copy and paste but the individual post numbers are gone because this software has a lot of options for hidden/unapproved posts that would through the post counts off. Members may see 3 post while Mods see 7 posts for example. I'll look into the bookmark application as soon as it is upgraded to the current version. It looks like it would be a great for for us here! Here is what happens when you copy and paste a permalink into a post...It make a nice standout link to that individual post!
  9. I can check into permalink numbers for posts or maybe even a bookmark system that allows you to bookmark individual posts or even images in the gallery?
  10. Click CONTENT up top in the nav menu then click Google Custom Search. There should also be a search box at the top of the Index Page side bar... This is the direct link to the search page: https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=007957757079081443050:ry9tf_ln-ii
  11. No problem...sometimes using a phone app does reset the workings (or vice versa) Facebook can be weird at times!
  12. We now have 4 ways to search the forums! The most obvious is the search field at the top of every page...it is great for most of your needs! First, click on the field and it will show some options to refine your search. You can click on More Options to see all of the searches available. Once you select a type of search, you can fill in the field with your search terms and hit enter or click magnifying glass to search. The 2nd way to search is called the advanced search screen...you can access it by clicking SEARCH in the top nav menu under Content or by clicking the magnifying glass in the search field while the field is empty! This screen gives you all kinds of options and time frames to search by! It is really extensive and there are just too many options to talk about...just go to the advanced search page and try it out! 3rd option is to use the Unread Content link to view all of the latest forum action! There is a search bar above the results that can help narrow down your search by clicking on the term and adjusting the search parameters. You can also save the search that you set up for later use! Here is a screen shot of the search bar...(sponsored by Ohio Mustang Supply...) In conjunction with Unread Content...there are a few more versions in he CONTENT tab such as All Activity, and My Content that you can use to quickly find the stuff you are looking for! Lastly, we just added the Google Custom Site Search that basically has the Google Search Engine search the site for what ever terms you are looking for. It will then display the results in a page that looks a little like a regular google search (they even throw in a couple sponsored results at the top...LOL) but the results are laser focused to our site only and nothing is overlooked...even posted images are brought up when available. This search is also found under the Content Tab up top or at the top of the Index page side bar! That's pretty much everything you need to know about searching the forum! Just play around with the various methods and I'm sure you will find the droids that you are looking for (opps, wrong movie!) If not, shoot me a PM and I'll try to help you out!
  13. Are you on the new PC Facebook or phone app? You should be able to click on the location and reset it to your area.
  14. Don't forget about the Summer Raffle! This is a great light to own and has a retail value of $200!! i18R Regular price $199.95 A high lumen workhorse. The i18R is an incredibly powerful 3,000-lumen workhorse. It is a flashlight that is unbeatable when it comes to brightness and handling. The i18R features Ledlenser patented Advanced Focus System which allows you to transition light from a broad flood beam to a sharply focused long-distance beam. X-lens technology focuses three powerful LEDs into one combined beam for maximum illumination across 4 light functions. The i18R has protective bumpers on the front and back to protect it from drops and dings as well as helping it stand upright when you need to keep your hands free. And it's quickly and easily rechargeable via USB. Raffle tickets are just $5 each or $20 for 5!! Look for the flashlight on the donations page or index sidebar!! https://7173mustangs.com/forums/donate/make-donation/

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