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  1. Ok...we can do a couple more days of lights to help ring in the New Year!! Enjoy, and have a SAFE and happy New Year!!
  2. Yeah, I don't like the snow either...I turned it off so we'll just have lights on the forum! If you don't hear smashing glass when you break the lights, you might have to turn on browser audio auto play. On Firefox, just click the pad lock in the URL field up top and turn on auto audio play...
  3. I'm East of Pittsburgh and we got 12-18 inches around the area! That's enough for this winter but I'm sure we are owed more after the easy winter we had last year! Is this forum snow buggin' anyone? I can turn it off and add Christmas lights or something instead?
  4. This is a virtual visit with Santa! Tell Santa what is on your wish list this year! Could be car parts or anything else... In the mean time, Merry Christmas and stay safe!
  5. Yes, Lulu was nice but they changed their whole format this year and it was unusable! I tried but but they really messed the calendar builder software up! Sorry about that...maybe Lulu will get it fixed for next year!
  6. Still available but time is running out to have them before Christmas!!
  7. I just got off a 2 week battle with COVID! It isn't fun, that's for sure! Mine was mild...I didn't end up in the hospital at all but I could have been close if the shortness of breath/uncontrollable coughing got any worse. Dr said as long as I could catch my breath sitting or laying, I was OK...luckily that was the case or I would have to call 911. Today is my first day back to work in 2 weeks! Be safe folks! Covid is serious shit!
  8. I added a few other items to the calendar store front! Check them out here: https://www.createphotocalendars.com/Shop/webfinitydesign
  9. Yes. it is really misleading but they get really good reviews for products! We shall see!! Here is the coupon terms from the deals page... Our items are store items so the coupon is invalid. Sorry guys! The calendars are listed below their recommended retail so you do get to save a couple bucks automatically anyways!!
  10. It looks like I was wrong...the calendar company said that they only offer the coupons to sellers to drop the price to wholesale for inside purchases. Seems kinda silly but that is what they replied.
  11. Yeah, I just tried several different logins and they don't show the coupon code field either. I replied to Wendy from your email...hopefully she'll get it fixed and extend the discount time frame!
  12. I emailed them to follow up as well...I am going to go test it again as a guest but I did see the coupon field the last time I tried. I'll try again and grab screen shots as I go! I appreciate the support, but I'd love for you guys to save some money too!!
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