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  1. I am looking into another order...just talked to the t-shirt company yesterday and they said we have to do a 72 piece re-order...any color shirt. Not bad but I have to see if I have enough time to organize the fulfillment plan. Stay tuned and post up if interested!!!
  2. Do we have any trivia fans in here? I set up a trivia challenge for all forum members! Questions are not Mustang related - mostly general knowledge type quizzes! 10 questions daily! Use your forum username to register so we can track leaders in the standings page! Here is the link: https://www.funtrivia.com/private/main.cfm?tid=105699
  3. I reverted back to normal for now...you can login with username or email. There are now some back end stuff I can do for code injection protection! Sorry guys, just trying to keep us safe!
  4. If we do another run, it would be a light color shirt...maybe white or light gray. I'll keep you posted. It was a challenge to pack and ship the last order. I need to see if i can make the process more efficient!
  5. I did change the login type to email only due to warnings from IPB about hackers using publicly available usernames and guessing common password to gain access and inject malicious code into forums. We haven't had an issue but I thought we should be proactive.. Is anyone else experiencing any posting issues since the change? It should not cause any issues at all??
  6. Heck yeah! I'd never leave the shop!!
  7. Yes, badges are new and I have to do a little research to see what the criteria is...we can also use our own criteria so that is something to think about!
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