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  1. Heck yeah! I'd never leave the shop!!
  2. Yes, badges are new and I have to do a little research to see what the criteria is...we can also use our own criteria so that is something to think about!
  3. Sure, but you guys should start the Silver Mustang Club!! Anyone can start a club and it is fairly easy!! https://7173mustangs.com/forums/clubs/
  4. Just a reminder that you can start your very own 7173 Mustang club right here in our forums! I just created the Yellow Mustang Club but you can start a color club or maybe a City club to find members local to you...or even start an online version of your local Mustang club! It is easy and FREE so whatcha waitin for? https://7173mustangs.com/forums/clubs/ Clubs are just another fun way to bring people with like interests together!
  5. Awesome! I will send the decals separately from my location...I am running a little behind...as usual, LOL!
  6. I just added a button maker to the forum's post editor! It is the little gray rectangle next to the emoji icon in the post editor...just click it when typing a post and fill in the title and URL that the button should link to and DONE! You can also choose color and sizes if you wish! It's just a little way to make your links stand out in a post or a way to add a garage button, etc... Enjoy! Community Map
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