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  1. I am finally getting around to changing the fuel pump on the engine. Had to take the oil filter and lower rad hose off to get to the damn bolts but it coming along nicely. If this don't get her running, I guess a new carb is next.
  2. It shows as a silhouette to me...mine is a house in my view. Maybe we see houses for our own markers but others see the silhouettes? I'll have to check into it...I don't see any way to change markers.
  3. OK guys, T-Shirt order is placed with Excel and they should hopefully be printed an shipped within 2 weeks!! I will keep you all posted!
  4. I just added a NEW and Improved Member Map tot he forum! It is nicely integrated into the forum and I hope IPB's map is more long lasting than MyBB's...but with that in mind, please don't get mad if the map does break or stop working suddenly in he future...these maps are fun but the map API's seem to change so often that plugin authors can't keep up and then the map breaks! This one seem pretty well supported so hopefully it will be on here for a good, long time! It's pretty east to use...you can use your GPS position or type in a general location. If you use your GPS location, it will scrub your actual address and just put your marker in the general vicinity for security. You can enter your exact location if you wish. The map is also tied into te calendar so it will show event locations and also Clubs so if you start a club, it will feature a location for your club as well! You'll also find a mini location map of your location in your profile page! I'm not sure I even know every thing this new map can do so have at it and have FUN!! The link in in the top Nav Bar under Forum Info or click here: https://7173mustangs.com/forums/membermap/
  5. I think we can all relate...LOL!! Done! I can do a new member map...it just has to be know that the API's change all the time and make member maps break easily...but it is just for fun so I'll add one!
  6. Today is the last day to pre-order! I'll shut the order form down tomorrow morning and place the order!!
  7. Make sure the URL you are trying to paste in starts with HTTPS...if it starts with , you can just past it right into the post!
  8. Yeah...I keep a bookmark for imgBB in my bookmark bar up top and just open a new tab when you need to upload an image...quick and easy!
  9. I'm working on a photo host upload like we had on the old forum but until then, you can always use imgbb.com or postimage.com to upload and then paste to your post...it is super easy, just copy the url from the photo upload site and then click "INSERT OTHER MEDIA" right above Submit in the post editor!
  10. Last day to pre-order shirts!! I'll be placing the order tomorrow afternoon so you still have a bit of time to get you order in!! I will remove the order form when I place the order so if it is still up, you can still order!! Thanks everyone! I will confirm shipping date soon!!
  11. @Dirconmach1 Try it now...The files got accidentally moved over to the old forums but I have moved them back. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. No, it's not pulling PM's...you can reply to status updates by clicking the poster's name and it takes you to their profile feed where you can type a reply. Status updates are supposed to be for comments you want to post but aren't worthy of a thread! Like for example..."Wow, it is hot here in Tuscon today!" But, as you guys can see...Status Updates are not private so don't post private stuff in there or reply with any private stuff, LOL!
  13. Yeah, it's a little different but you'll get used to it and start to love it! I have used IPB for years along side MyBB but I always found myself adding plugins to MyBB to make it more like this software! Problems started when it was upgrade time! All those plugins don't always work with upgrades plus 3rd party apps have security concerns...yeah! This is the way to go!
  14. Did you try using the Unread Content button (top right under the header image) It brings up a list of new content without all the fluff! Also use Mark Site Read to keep the content fresh...you can always go back to Content or All Activity to bring up a list of everything again.
  15. If you ordered decals but haven't received them yet, drop a post here so I know. I did receive 1 order back that was not a good address! But they all did mail out almost 2 weeks ago!
  16. Just a quick note that the forums may be down for a bit over night. Starting at 1:00am tonight, the server will be brought offline in order to upgrade some hardware needed for an operating system upgrade to the server. This is routine and shouldn't cause any problems but as always, back ups will be made and archived to prevent any loss of data! The maintenance should be done by tomorrow morning.
  17. I still have a few decals available! You can purchase them here: https://7173mustangs.com/forums/decals.html
  18. Looks good! Yeah, I saw 2 orders for you but I didn't get them combined, LOL! The 2nd should be along soon! I did get 1 envelope return to sender! I have to figure out who's it was!
  19. So you want to create a club? Great! It's easy and could be the start of something BIG!! I just created a club called Steel Valley Mustangs, which is fictional at the moment, but this is a great way to start an online car club in your area and eventually have it morph into a real club with real car cruises and real shows! Just go to the CLUBS tab up top in the nav bar under BROWSE and then click START A CLUB! Fill out the information, upload a cover photo and a profile image.icon and click SAVE! That's it...your club is on the way to greatness! Once your club is created, go to the club page and click MANAGE CLUB on the lower right corner of the club cover image. Here, you will want to activate Topics, Images and Blogs if you want. It will add tabs for each in your club cover for easy access! Now all you have to do is invite forum members and grow your club! Clubs can be created for new clubs as well as existing clubs! If you are already in a real club, you can start one here as well! For example, you can create a forum club for any chapter of the Mustangs of America club or similar. Basically, you are starting a mini forum for your club right here in the pages of our forum...and you are the admin! If you aren't really feeling the lifestyle of a forum club admin, you can always just browse the list of available clubs and join any that you like! If someone in your area starts a club, join it and give them some support! As always, if you need some help or guidance, feel free to hit me up and I'll show you the way to your dream of starting your own club!

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