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  1. You may or may not notice a little different look to the forums today! We upgraded to a custom theme set that includes light and dark versions and several different 71-73 header images! The new theme also includes some fine tuning that you guys can specify! Over all, the themes are very close to the default theme we were using, except for a few new controls at the top right! The moon/light bulb icons change from light to dark mode on the fly. The setting slide icon brings up the user controlled theme settings where the fun stuff is! If you were using Dark Road theme, you may not
  2. Well, looks like there is a problem! Youtube no longer allows the public to upload videos to a different channel than their own. So it looks like I will have to add members that want to upload to the new channel! Just PM me your name and email address and I'll send an invite to you!
  3. I just created a new Youtube Channel for the forums! You should be able to upload videos directly to the new channel to make it easier to post videos on the forums! A lot of people don't have their own Youtube channel so this community channel will allow you to upload without having to create your own channel! So go ahead and test it out for me! Upload your walk around videos, burn out videos and any other 71-73 related content you would like and lets see if we can build a cool Youtube Video Channel! Once you upload, just grab the link from Youtube and you can paste it in the forum p
  4. Yes, this is the best bet! It is quick and easy plus it save forum disc space! This is brand new, but you should be able to upload videos to our Youtube Channel and then post them to the forum! 7173 Mustang Nation! https://youtube.com/channel/UCmGqXtmeSkUKuRBVre7E0tA
  5. Confucius say, "Man that go to bed with itchy bum wake up with smelly finger." Just sayin'...LOL
  6. You have probably noticed the staff's custom user images and wondered where you can get one? Well wonder no more! You can actually purchase one to display on your post profile and member profile page! The cost is just $30! I will custom make it with your 7173 user name or with any other text you might want! The funds collected from the license plate images will help to support the forum operating costs! So you get a really cool graphic to display as well as help support your favorite forum!! I can do most plates as close to 1971-1973 vintage as possible! After it is completed
  7. Yeah, you were in the regular donation widget. No prob...you are on the board now!! Good luck!
  8. Go to the Donations page and the Raffle Tickets are at the bottom of the page. Or you can get them from the main index page (sidebar box on the right side) Let me know if you have any issues!
  9. Sorry for your loss! 2020 has been a bad year for lots in many ways! No need to apologize, you are fine. We are happy that you enjoy the forums and continue to help support!
  10. If you found your way back to the forums from the email and haven't been here for a while, re-introduce yourself tell us what's up! Looking forward to hearing from everyone!!
  11. Here is what I used when my mirror stub fell off... https://www.permatex.com/products/specialized-maintenance-repair/rearview-mirror-repair/permatex-rearview-mirror-adhesive-kit/?locale=en_us
  12. You can override displayed image sizes by adding the image into the post (plus symbol on the lower left corner of uploaded image) and then double click on the bigger image in the post. You will be presented with a pop up for image formatting! Still working on the raw HTML button...IPS feels that it is a security risk to allow this in a forum.
  13. This is pretty much true! Social Media is slowly killing forums! I was hoping the move to this IPS4 software would help us out! IPS is leading the way with modern forum software...plus I am able to add new modules to help get people interested in posting, like the Garage, Community Map, Tutorials, Blogs and Clubs! There is something for everyone no matter if they are a novice or experienced forum user! There are other applications I can add such as Photo Competitions and Trivia contests, but they cost more money and probably won't get used enough to justify the cost just yet! We have ple
  14. Looks great!! Welcome back...I bet you'll have lots to blog about now!!
  15. You can't buy it anymore...but you can WIN it if you purchase the lucky ticket!!
  16. If someone can come up with some info set in stone on this, we can add it to the 7173 Tutorials so it will be easy to find and available for everyone!
  17. 1. kcmash 2. kcmash 3. kcmash 4. kcmash 5. kcmash 6. machattack 7. machattack 8. machattack 9. machattack 10. machattack 11. Manu Mach1 12. Manu Mach1 13. Manu Mach1 14. Manu Mach1 15. Manu Mach1 16. mjseakan 17. mjseakan 18. mjseakan 19. mjseakan 20. mjseakan 21. BOSS351 22. BOSS351 23. BOSS351 24. BOSS351 25. BOSS351 26. jbojo 27. jbojo 28. jbojo 29. jbojo 30. jbojo 31. Trevynd 32. Trevynd 33. Trevynd 34. Trevynd 35. Trevynd 36. Bru 37. Bru 38. Bru 39. Bru 40. Bru Remember, this list of entries will be random
  18. Hey everyone! We have a special prize to give away for the 2020 Winter Raffle! It is a custom made Mustang Tri-Bar logo trophy! It is 1 of 10 that we had made for a fund raiser a while back. This one was graciously donated back to the forum by an anonymous supporter for the raffle!! Made from multi layered steel and hand painted with translucent pearl paint, it sits about 12 inches tall and looks great displayed in a curio with your die-cast Mustangs or display it on your desk or wall shelf! It is a great conversation starter and stunning reflection of your Mustang pride! Raffle tic
  19. For me...I want something with style, performance and luxury all under one roof! Aston Martin V12 Vanquish! It just better have the steering wheel on the correct side! (Left!) LOL!
  20. What is your absolute, money is no object dream car? Doesn't have to be a Ford. It can be something old, current or futuristic? It can be a truck, motorcycle or maybe an M1 tank? What would you pick?
  21. So, lets say you are the last person on Earth! For what ever reason, everyone has suddenly disappeared and left you all alone on the entire planet! What is the first thing you would do?
  22. Guys, If you add your Mustangs to the Garage, you can upload your Marti Report in pdf format as well for safe keeping! Pretty cool feature!!
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