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  1. 9 hours ago, midlife said:

    Bring 'em back!  I misss the sounds of breaking things.  Maybe replace the Xmas bulbs with Chebby Camaros?

    Ok...we can do a couple more days of lights to help ring in the New Year!!  Enjoy, and have a SAFE and happy New Year!!

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  2. Yeah, I don't like the snow either...I turned it off so we'll just have lights on the forum! 

    If you don't hear smashing glass when you break the lights, you might have to turn on browser audio auto play.  On Firefox, just click the pad lock in the URL field up top and turn on auto audio play...

    ScreenHunter_914 Dec. 21 09.37.jpg

  3. I'm East of Pittsburgh and we got 12-18 inches around the area!  That's enough for this winter but I'm sure we are owed more after the easy winter we had last year!

    Is this forum snow buggin' anyone?  I can turn it off and add Christmas lights or something instead?

  4. 3 hours ago, Vinnie said:

    The print shop that was used previous years had locations around the world. For customers in the EU the calendar is twice as expensive due to shipping costs. $16 for shipping a $17 item...

    Yes, Lulu was nice but they changed their whole format this year and it was unusable!  I tried but but they really messed the calendar builder software up!   Sorry about that...maybe Lulu will get it fixed for next year!

  5. I just got off a 2 week battle with COVID!  It isn't fun, that's for sure!  Mine was mild...I didn't end up in the hospital at all but I could have been close if the shortness of breath/uncontrollable coughing got any worse.  Dr said as long as I could catch my breath sitting or laying, I was OK...luckily that was the case or I would have to call 911.  Today is my first day back to work in 2 weeks! 

    Be safe folks!  Covid is serious shit!

  6. Yes. it is really misleading but they get really good reviews for products!  We shall see!!

    Here is the coupon terms from the deals page...

    Please note this offer is not valid on store items and cannot be combined with other coupons, vouchers, quantity discounts, or applied after an order has been placed. Discount applies only to completed projects.

    Our items are store items so the coupon is invalid.  Sorry guys!  The calendars are listed below their recommended retail so you do get to save a couple bucks automatically anyways!!

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  7. I emailed them to follow up as well...I am going to go test it again as a guest but I did see the coupon field the last time I tried.  I'll try again and grab screen shots as I go!

    I appreciate the support, but I'd love for you guys to save some money too!! :thumb:

  8. 1 hour ago, TheRktmn said:

    I ordered, selected Guest rather than give more info to fakebook, selected PayPal and never saw a place to put in my THANKS20 discount code. Oh well, I'll try again next year.


    Ok, I tested as a guest and it looks like it does not offer discounts to guests...you have to click SIGN UP after you click CHECK OUT and then it should give you the chance to enter the coupon code!  You don't have to use Facebook to sign in...See screen shot below...


    ScreenHunter_910 Nov. 21 07.43.jpg

  9. 3 hours ago, Tegemus said:

    Hey Rocketfoot, I noticed my "Life is too short" photo is being used on the club's Facebook page to promote the calendar. Does my photo actually appear in the calendar, or is it simply being used as advertising?

    Your photo is on the cover, sir!!  I didn't get a chance to let you know but I was sure you would enjoy it!!

  10. 22 minutes ago, Stanglover said:

    I just went on the linked site to order. So a question; I apparently needed to create an account. When the site asked me to "sign in" , I'm thinking huh! it did not recognize my usual user and p/word . Ok no problem, did that and was able to add the items I wanted to the cart, but was unable to find where to add the discount deal at checkout like it said. So did I just miss something or do discounts really NOT apply. Has anyone else run into this? I'd just like to be sure before ordering.


    You should be able to add the coupon code just before the payment page...unless it is no allowing discount codes to international customers?? I can't see the same thing you guys are seeing!

  11. 12 hours ago, Stanglover said:

    Wow, looks awesome!  Now all I have to do is decide what I want.

    Question; Do those prices include international shipping or mail to Canada? I don't want the Forum to be out money on international mail.

    PS, don't send anything UPS to Canada!! They charge brokerage and fees.

    The price is the same but the calendar site will charge shipping independently...it doesn't affect us.  The forum makes about $3.50 per calendar no matter where it is going or if you use discount coupons!  These calendars are more of a tradition than a fund raiser for the forums!!

  12. Ok folks!  I just finished up the 2021 7173 Members' Rides Calendar and I think they are going to be awesome!  It is a new format with more features...I was even able to include member's usernames in the captions! 

    2 sizes are available!!



    I made a couple other items as well!  Coffee mugs and car show drop cards!  Check them out here:



    If you submitted photos but didn't make it into the calendar...I apologize!  I tried to use everyone's photos but some were just not enough pixels to print!  Work on some new, high resolution photos and we'll get you in the next edition!!

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