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  1. I think we are off to a good start, but there has to be ways to recruit new members? Does anyone have any ideas? Once we have a bunch of posts logged, our Google SEO settings will take over and help with search engine rankings but until then, we have to think of something else to promote the forums.
  2. That's right! My old camera was...well, getting old! So now I can upgrade to a new, 12.1 megapixel model without the guilt! LOL
  3. I sure will! Gotta get a new camera though. My wife dropped the old one in the creek at Ohio Pyle last week! It's pretty much dead! :@
  4. Looks great! welcome to the forums! My Dad and I are restoring a 72 Coupe and it is slow going! I can't wait for the first test drive! :D
  5. Did anyone get one of the new crate engines from ford? I got one from Summit...picked it up about 3 weeks ago. Still waiting to get it out of the box, my Dad has a 383 Stroker on the crane ready to go into his late model stock car. As soon as it is in, I'm gonna put the crate motor on the stand and start building it when I don't feel like getting dirty with the car! LOL http://www.fordracingparts.com/parts/part_details.asp?PartKeyField=11752
  6. Yes sir! I posted a photo of the original "Gone in 60 Seconds" car on another forum and someone actually called it hideous! Uggh! LOL
  7. Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you aboard! Your 71 looks great. Love the color!
  8. Nope, it's a 5.0 from an 87 Mustang. Gives me the roller cam and HO firing order so I don't have to deal with the Flat Tappets and Zinc issues. Nice! I just got a 306 Ford Racing Crate for my 72 Coupe...it has the aluminum X heads and E303 roller cam! It should thump a little!
  9. Welcome! Glad to have you aboard! I'm glad to see people joining the forums...I definitely see a need for a specialized 71-73 forum as their popularity grows! Love the NASA hood on the coupe! Does she have a 429?
  10. Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you aboard! That certainly is a nice Mach1! I don't know much about the history of that stripe but someone else here may. We'd love to see some more photos!
  11. I found this small blurb in the Sunday Paper! It's a little article about the 72 Sportsroofs. Scanned and uploaded below.
  12. Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you aboard!
  13. Welcome to the forums! That is one nice Mustang! Love to see more of it!
  14. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July! Happy birthday, America!
  15. That is a good site! I found some info there about the frame mounts I needed to get to do my V8 Swap. I'll add it to our links page as soon as I get it finished!
  16. Welcome to 7173Mustangs.com! Love to see some photos of the Mach1!
  17. Welcome to the forums! I haven't gotten to rive mine yet, but my escape is locking myself in the garage and just working on it! LOL, I can't wait to be able to drive it!
  18. Thanks for joining! I hope the forums grow to provide a lot of info to future restorers!
  19. Welcome to the boards! I can't wait to see some photos of your 73's!
  20. Welcome to 71-73 Mustangs! That is a beautiful 73 Vert! There is another forum for other Mustangs in the board index...you can post photos of you other cars if you like! (I didn't want to exclude any Mustangs! Love them all!!)
  21. Welcome to 71-73 Mustangs! Glad to have you aboard!
  22. Good post! I am thinking about upgrading from drums to disc on my 72. This may come in handy!
  23. Hello and welcome to 7173MUSTANGS.com! My name is RocketFoot and I created this online community to help support the 71-73 Ford Mustang following! As you probably know, the 71-73 model years are sometimes thought of as the black sheep of the Mustang herd, but to me, the big body years hold the true essence of the 1970's muscle car image! Long hoods, breathtaking lines and big horse power! What isn't there to love about these cars! We already have a gallery that you can add 71-73 photos to as well as a blog feature that you can use to update everyone on your vehicle build progress or anything happening in your Mustang's life! We'll also be adding more forum features as time goes on and membership picks up. I hope you enjoy the forums and if you have any suggestions, be sure to post them in the Site Feedback forum! PS...I closed this welcome topic so you can go back and start your own introduction thread! Thanks and have fun!
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