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  1. Hey guys! I added a new forum feature to the forums today! It is called Tutorials! You can now add tutorials and how-to's into this section by category...this will help preserve them for future reference! The cool thing is that you can move posts over to the tutorials section to save time and typing! I set up some basic categories but if you see something that needs added, let me know! Here is the link (It's also in the nav bar up top) If you Tutorialize an existing post that is not yours, please be sure to change the author to the actual author of the post! https://7173mustangs.com/forums/tutorials/
  2. OK, I double checked and there are no settings that would force log outs. It would have ot be something with your browser privacy settings like clearing all cookies on exit or cookies turned off. I cannot reproduce this...I stay logged in as long as let it wait with the forum opened or closed.
  3. Hey guys, just a quick note to thank Ohio Mustang Supply for continuing to help support the forums by advertising with us! Don and Erin have been with us since day 1 and it would be hard to name anyone more knowledgeable about parts for our cars! Please be sure to check out Ohio Mustang Supply when you need parts and pass their name along when you see others asking for Mustang parts! Please, give all of our sponsors a shot before you shop elsewhere! Thank you! https://ohiomustang.com/
  4. I will have to investigate...I haven't been logged out yet. I do know that it will log you out if you login on a different device at the same time.
  5. We are up to 9 Mustangs in the Garage! Be sure to check them out and add yours while you are there!!
  6. I added an option to "Mark As Solved" to several forums! You'll see it in the General Talk forum as well as the Tech Forums. So if you make a post and someone gives you the correct or best answer, you can mark it as such! It also gives the member that answered correctly a little tally count in his post profile (kinda like reputation) So it is both a fun and helpful little feature to keep in mind! You'll see the link next to the Quote link in the enabled forum posts!
  7. July 2020 marked 10 years for 7173Mustangs.com! That is a pretty nice landmark for any internet site considering all of the competition out there anymore! Facebook is probably the number one forum killer on the web today…it’s fast, easy and just about everyone is already using it. But Facebook has several flaws that should keep it from ever killing a forum…for one, Facebook’s search feature is terrible! You can barely find a post you made 2 days ago on any busy FB group! Another flaw is that the post/thread architecture is hard to follow and posts get lost easily! Thirdly, there are just too many Facebook groups and pages competing for the same traffic! The names can even be the same, whereas on the web, domain names are unique, individual and easier to remember and find! One other thing to mention is that Facebook groups seem to have more trolls, trouble makers and over zealous admins than any well moderated internet forum! This is a big disadvantage to Facebook because many users can be intimidated and hard pass on participating. But, even with all of these perceived downfalls that plague Facebook, their pages and groups continue to grow exponentially! Traditional internet forums must find ways to attract and keep users…usually by using a mix of things to help captivate their audiences. 7173Mustangs.com is no different…we are focused on a small niche of Mustang Owners and fans that only covers 3 years! That means the interested amount of users is already a low number. So we have to learn what these users want and adapt it to the traditional forum software! Here at 7173Mustangs.com, we have acknowledged that users want a hybrid mix of internet forum staples as well as new social media features, so that is what we have started to build on! At the beginning of July, we actually migrated from MyBB open source software to Invision Community professional software for several reasons including security and reliability concerns with MyBB as well as feature and theme availability! Invision is one of the world’s most powerful forum software products available and they have a huge amount of 3rd party plugins and apps available. Invision’s forum software offers an amazing mix of forum and social media features right out of the box with apps available to fine tune the forum to the needs of the membership…and that is exactly what we did at 7173Mustangs.com! With the roll out of our new software platform, we have also introduced new features such as social clubs, member blogs, community map, member garages and enhanced member profile pages! The forum offers more member controlled features as well as tons of social media inspired touches such as likes and reactions, sharing, name mentions and even push notifications! A forum member can now invest as much or as little time as he or she wants and still be able to get maximum value from the forum! So as you can see, 7173Mustangs.com is here to stay and we want to be part of the time that you spend online! The major benefit is in the information and data that we are building together! Information and data that will be here to help future members long into the future! This cannot be said for Facebook groups! So please, help us spread the word…use our “Tell a Friend” sidebar box to invite friends and family. Stop in an post something regularly. Add your car to the Garage. Share some photos or restoration knowledge in the forums! Be proud of the forums that we have built together…take ownership because you are just as big of a part to the forums as the staff and admins! You are the main reason that the forums exist! As an owner, I don’t get any glory, fame or wealth from the forums…I get the satisfaction that you guys enjoy using the site and knowing that so many of you found the site useful and helpful in your projects! View the full article
  8. Yeah, it's a shame...Facebook now has probably several dozen 71-73 pages that offer quick info but not much more! They just keep thinning the forum traffic. With this new software, we have a referral system that could be useful and fun! Each member gets a unique referral link to send to friends...when the friends join the forum, your referral count goes up! The system will track who has the most referrals just for fun! But it wouldn't hurt to grab your referral link and send it out or post it on Facebook pages (where allowed) and see if we can get the forum jumping again!! Your links are in the TELL A FRIEND box on the top of the index page side bar! You can also get the link and see your referral numbers here: Click your username up top>Account Settings>Referrals
  9. The Community Member Map is back!! https://7173mustangs.com/forums/communitymap/
  10. I don't think it's the format...I think it is Facebook and Covid mainly! Facebook has been very active because it is easy to use and most everyone uses it already! Problem is that it is mostly shallow discussion and topics disappear after a few days and here are a ton of trolls! Who knows if the info you ask for is correct! Covid is also keeping everyone from car shows and maybe making them bored with the hobby (and the forums) in general.
  11. We now have a brand new feature called the Garage! It is similar to the old garage we had on Mybb but this version is much more powerful and easier to use! You can add tons of images, upload a Marti Report if you have one and you can any modifications to the car that you have done in detail along with their own images! This system also adds a Garage tab in your profile and a badge on your post profile that links to your garage to make it easier for members to check your car out! One note on adding modifications...you can add them after you add your vehicle to the garage. You then go back to your vehicle and click MANAGE, (at the bottom) where you will be able to ADD MODIFICATIONS, edit the vehicle, etc... That's the only tricky part...the rest is pretty intuitive! One technical note...I am having a problem with the Marti Report upload...it uploads ok but it is not displaying correctly. We will get that fixed in the next couple days!
  12. That sounds perfect! We are using meatball menu on PC and hamburger menu on mobile, LOL! I think the 3 dots are actually called ellipsis but meatballs are way better! Thanks!
  13. 3 Dots or 3 horizontal lines (otherwise known as the hamburger menu) are both common menu icons now days!
  14. I know...IPB is on an anti-visual clutter kick but admins and members alike are not digging it! I got used to it now but I agree...I liked it better by the Quote button.
  15. Edit is in the 3 dot menu at the top right of your post. You'll also find the Share links and Report link in there.
  16. Yeah, that is an issue that I don't have a good answer too! The old MyBB forum used random thread ID tags in the URL that were not able to convert over to IPB. Best bet is to search them out and click Follow so you have them at your finger tips! You can access the followed topics from your username drop down at the top of every page.
  17. @droptop73 Yeah, Internet Explorer is DEAD! Not many software companies support it anymore including IPB. If you like IE, try Microsoft Edge! I just tested the forum on Edge and it works great! But yeah...no good on IE11...the forum is unusable! It also works perfect on Firefox, Chrome & Brave
  18. Memory cookies were reset...you just have to click THEME at the bottom of any page and select DARK ROAD. That will bring back the dark theme.
  19. You can now select what happens when you click a topic title to view! Right now, when you click a title, it takes you to the first post...but now you can choose to go to the first post, go to the last post or go to the last post that you have read! This makes a huge difference in forum browsing so be sure to set this setting the way you want! it is easy...just click on your username at the top right of the page and then select ACCOUNT SETTINGS from the drop down. You will see a nav bar on he left side of he page that opens and in that nav bar, click on CONTENT VIEW BEHAVIOR! Then you can make your selection and save! As always, if you have any questions or comments, let me know!
  20. Look for THEME at the bottom of every forum page...click it and select Dark Road. We are actually trying to cut ties with Tapatalk due to possible connections to China and security concerns. Have you tried our new responsive theme on smaller devices? It is pretty seamless and functional! We also have an app ready to roll out from Invision that is safe and secure but not sure how much like Tapa it is...I can get you to demo it in a few days hopefully...if you are interested?
  21. We had a minor software update that added a few cool features! I was able to keep the forum themes looking the same but you may have to re-select Dark Road if you were living on the dark side! Another cool feature is an optional grid style forum index page! You can toggle the buttons next to the Start a Topic button for a hidden surprise! (See the screen capture below!) We added a share and referral system that will help us reach more new members and track new members that you linked to! Nothing in stone yet, but there could be a prize for the member that recruits the most new members!!! Just sayin'!! You can send invites from the Tell a Friend box in the side bar on the index page! ...And the BIG ONE!! We added an all new Garage System to help showcase, display and track your car(s)!! You can add vehicle info, specs, photos and also list modifications with great detail! Click the GARAGE link up top in the nav bar and get started! On a side note...the Member Map is off line for a few days until the updated version rolls out...there should be no loss in existing markers but there may be some new features! I'm sure there are other Easter Eggs in this new version just waiting to be discovered...if you see something cool, post about it here!
  22. That's awesome! You should add the pics to the Mustang Girls VIP Gallery Album! I think I already added one from Facebook!
  23. Congrats!! You are gonna like these lights for sure! I got your PM and will ship them out tomorrow!
  24. Ok guys! It is Aug 31st, 2020 and I just selected the winner of the 5 free tickets from everyone entered on the Member Map...and that winner was: Parakka!! Here is the video (although not my normal, high quality video...it's early! LOL) I removed myself from the list to make it as fair as possible! So Parakka won the 5 FREE raffle tickets and was added to the ticket reservation list, which I selected and ran through randomize.org 10 times!! I then copied the randomized list and pasted it into WheelDecide.com and then I hit the spin button and after several revolutions of the wheel...the winner of the Flashlight and Lantern Gift Pack is.... The Winner is... TheRktmn!! Congratulations TheRktmn ticket #60!! PM me with your shipping address and I will get your prize pack heading your way!! To everyone that purchased a raffle ticket, THANK YOU!! Your generous donations will help cover forum operating costs and keep us fast, safe and online for years to come!! Also a HUGE THANK YOU to our anonymous donor that gave us the prizes that made this raffle possible!
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