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  1. Any place that makes up hydraulic hoses should be able to make it for you. Some auto parts stores still do this or you made need to find a place like Genalco which caters to industrial and construction applications.
  2. I am running the 2947 on my 460 with the 18" Derale fan and a slightly modified 351C fan shroud. The 2947 is so low profile that putting the nuts on the studs can be challenging. The fan depth in the shroud is not optimal but it cools fine. The fan is not loud. I am contemplating going to the 429 shroud and 19" fan not that it is needed.
  3. Dorman makes a stud kit to mount the clutch to the water pump flange. I don't have the part number handy but Hemikiller has posted it here before on several occasions.
  4. I haven't used it but I believe that is a reproduction of the 72 CJ cam. Might want to advance it 4 degrees if you want to maximize torque.
  5. Welcome from Connecticut. I have a brother who lives in Moralzarzal.
  6. According to Scott Johnston the FPA's give up nothing to the larger tube headers up to about 650 hp and make more torque under the curve. Are you planning on making more than that?
  7. They can be made to work. There are many posts from people who have used them. Type 15807 in the search bar.
  8. Nothing wrong with a stroked cleveland but I can't imagine that a quality stroker kit is going to be cheaper than having the stock crank freshened, new pistons and rings, rod reconditioning and new hardware etc...if budget is the overriding concern.
  9. The sheep in Florida are breathing a collective sigh of relief.
  10. https://newjersey.craigslist.org/cto/d/denville-1971-mach-mustang-351c-4v-code/7233932935.html Not sure if this has been posted before. Seems like a nice original car.
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