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  1. The modifications that the current rebuilder has reported were popularized in a book by Cliff Ruggles. His recommendations are intended for adapting the Q-jet for performance engines. When correctly applied they can work, but since your engine has been restored to they way Ford built it (I assume) it is not surprising you were having issues. Hopefully the people working on it now can restore it to the stock calibration and that will resolve your issues with it.
  2. It depends on the rest of the build. If it is an otherwise stock 4V you might be better off with a regular performer. If you have upgraded the cam, installed headers and exhaust, rear gear etc...the blue thunder may be a good choice.
  3. I don't think the backspacing will work on those. You might want to do a mock up and see.
  4. Kevin I think I have a pair that I bought but never installed. I will send you some pics tonight when I get home.
  5. The 4300 carb sucked when it was new so don't feel bad that almost 50 years later you are having trouble making it work. Edelbrock performer 4V intake and the Holley, Summit or Eddy carb of your choice should get you running reliably. Nothing wrong with a Pertronix conversion. Post pics of the vacuum lines in question if you make the leap to aftermarket intake/carb and you will get input on what needs to stay and what can go.
  6. Run a coarse thread drywall screw into the sheet metal portion of the seal then use a pair of alternative lifestyle pliers to grab the screw and leverage it out enough until you can get a screw driver or chisel behind it.
  7. That looks like the Crane stud conversion kit. As Don suggested some judicious use of heat should help. The lower portion of the stud is only 5/16" so be careful not to snap them. The intake manifold gasket looks like a Fel-Pro print-o-seal. They are known to fail like that.
  8. I believe the fittings are 1/8" npt x 5/16" inverted flare. I got mine at my local hardware store.
  9. Global West is the only one who makes a convertible specific subframe connector that I am aware of. All the others require surgery to install on a vert. The only downside to the GW connectors is they hang down a bit to clear the convertible floor pan so they are somewhat visible from the side. They made a noticeable difference in the stiffness of my car.
  10. I have played around with the Q-jet and when they are right they are very good. I have several on the shelf that I have dissected and modified over the years mostly as a learning exercise.. There are several good books on the subject and a couple good forums if you are looking for tuning help when you get it back on the car.
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