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  1. I am considering changing the color (from black) on my '73 Mach-1. I saw this on line and wasn't sure what color it was. It looks slightly like a metallic gold. Does anyone know the actual color?
  2. Ah.. ok. Thanks.. any idea where I might find them?
  3. Thanks everyone.. I found this one from Crane (H-278-2) that caught my eye. Any opinions? 222/232 @ .050"/ .539/.534 - 114' Thanks.. Mike
  4. My '68 coupe has a 393w, TKO-600 and a 9in with 3.50 gears. I am using a Detroit Truetrac (Eaton). My car is a daily driver and never in a track. It's extremely smooth and very quiet..
  5. I was missing a fender extension on the passenger side. When I ordered a new set, this is how it arrived. It has three "tabs" that obviously go into the three holes located in the front of the fender. On the bottom of the piece, is a hole I figured a bolt would go through; only there's a no spot Forces bolt to attach. Does this piece just attach the three "tabs"? fb photo upload
  6. My '73 Mach-1 still has points. I am looking at a new distributer from MSD. One has a mechanical advance and the other is vacuum. Is one better than the other? Thanks.. Mike
  7. When I got my '73 Mach-1, it had (and still has) too big of a cam. I am looking to simply looking for a healthy street cam for a daily driver. I like a little lope but not looking for a choppy idle. Unfortunately I don't have the cam specs. When I look at the paperwork, it just says it had an: "Isky cam- radical idle" My car has 3.50 gears, a c6 auto Edelbrock Air Gap intake and a 750cfm (vac 2nd). Again, I just want a healthy sounding car that makes enough power to get out of its own way that I can just "get In and go". Due to funds available, off the shelf would be ideal. I would also prefer a 112' LSA.. thanks.. Mike
  8. Oh ok. I thought the only difference was the fenders .. thanks.. Mike
  9. I also have a '73. Would this have been "bolt on" if you swapped the fenders for '71/72's?
  10. I am missing this from my '73 Mach-1. I don't know what it's actually called so I'm having a difficult time finding for sale. Missing the one on the right side (passenger) but I'm willing to buy both if they come in a set. Does anyone have any info that may help? Thank you.. Mike
  11. Well I looked that up. It seems that some had them and some didn't. I also see that some have the rear bumper with the runner trim and some didn't.
  12. My '73 has the wrong bumper bolts. This is what came on my car when I bought it ? Can anyone tell me what size I need? Thanks.. Mike
  13. Thanks.. I just said MSD because I've always used it in the past. I've never used anything else..
  14. I've done the math but I have heard the clevelands like a little more carb.
  15. Will do. For an automatic, would it be better to go with vacuum secondaries? I have mechanical now..
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