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  1. Thanks guys, I have an idea of what to do. But finding front blinkers that are D.O.T requirement, for sweden isent easy. The blinkers should be mounted externally. Ive decided that Im going with two smaller 6 or 5 inch round parking lights where the blinkers are located today. Im gonna put the new blinkers under the bumper instead. I Think that will look good.

    I also Think about blacking out the chrome on the grille to give it more deept.


    Upgrades will follow now Im actually waiting for a gauge so I can complete the assembly of the center dash console. Im waiting for vacuum gauge, it will go in beside the lamdba in the 2 empty holes .



    Regards Rob


    what size are those small gauges? 





  2. When I got my '73 Mach-1, it had (and still has) too big of a cam. I am looking to simply looking for a healthy street cam for a daily driver. I like a little lope but not looking for a choppy idle. Unfortunately I don't have the cam specs. When I look at the paperwork, it just says it had an: "Isky cam- radical idle"

      My car has 3.50 gears, a c6 auto Edelbrock Air Gap intake and a 750cfm (vac 2nd). Again, I just want a healthy sounding car that makes enough power to get out of its own way that I can just "get In and go". Due to funds available, off the shelf would be ideal. I would also prefer a 112' LSA.. 



  3. The MSD does use the same magnetic pickup as the duraspark but the MSD is way better built than the duraspark, the latter feels flimsy in construction compared to the MSD. I like duraspark ignition and it is a definite step up from points but I like the MSD setup better:D




    Thanks.. I just said MSD because I've always used it in the past. I've never used anything else..

  4. Hello cazsper,


    According the Carburetor calculations, the 650 double pumper would be consider the right size for a 351 @ 6000 rpm's. Since he remove the choke mechanism, it would be prudent to replace carburetor.




    Source: https://www.summitracing.com/expertadviceandnews/calcsandtools/cfm-calculator


    I agree with the electronic ignition along with the spark box.


    Let us know what you do!




    mustang7173 :bravo:


    Will do. For an automatic, would it be better to go with vacuum secondaries? I have mechanical now..

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