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  1. When I bought my '73 Mach-1, the guy I had purchased it from sort of "mismatched" a lot of parts. It has a 10:1 4v- Cleveland, too big of a cam but I don't have the specs, 650 dbl pumper with no choke (he actually removed it) c6 with 3.50 gears (one legger), And 3" exhaust. As for the ignition, it still has dual points. I am pretty sure I will be going to a 750 Holley (vac 2nd) in the future but concerning the ignition, if I were to swap from points to an electronic ignition, will that actually make my car run better (smoother idle) ? I didn't think so but I have been told that. Thanks..


  2. The cam in mine is a hydraulic roller profile running on solid roller lifters.Easy on valvetrain and springs.There is maintenance with solids but they are worth some power over juice lifters.I may end up going hydro boost route but I'm going to try the vacuum pump first. I've heard mixed reviews on them so we will see.


    Id like to see how it comes out.. to get back to my original post ...lol.. so with this much power on street tires, it doesn't really matter what size tire I go with I suppose.

  3. The only issue you might have is vacuum.Im not making enough for "good" brakes.Im putting a vacuum pump on this winter.Since I'm having to use a pump anyway I'm going to a bigger cam in the near future.You have a very solid combo in mind.With P51 heads and an Air Gap intake you should make well over 600 if it's done correctly.Is your cam going to be solid lifter?


    I'm actually thinking hydraulic. I know people have said not to go the hydraulic roller route but I'm not sure yet. As for my brakes, I'm thinking hyrdoboost. From what I have read, it runs off the pressure from my power steering and not engine vaccuum.

  4. No need to back halve it.My 521 makes 630+ hp and 645+ tq.It doesn't really matter how big a street tire is you are going to boil them.I run a 295 BFG TA radial on mine for normal driving and they are useless.I also have 295 MT drag radials,they are much better,traction is much more controllable.A 305 or 315 drag radial will do the trick unless you are planning on a bunch more power than me.


    Nice to know.. the motor I am planning is a 521, 10:1 comp, Edelbrock Air Gap, P-51 heads, and a 246/252 @ .050 cam. I believe it will be just shy of 600hp.

  5. Your are going to need more tire than that.


    I'm now running 325-45-17's (M&H) on the aforementioned rims, this is a taller 28" drag radial


    They fit after I cut and expanded the inner wheel well to fit flush against the frame rail If you can cut and weld, this is a fairly simple mod and can be done in a day.


    With that much engine, I think you'll need to consider back halving the car.




    Back-half? That sounds like a lot of work for a street car. .lol

  6. I am planning my 460 build. I would like to use the Edelbrock Air Gap but not sure if it will fit under the factory Mach-1 hood. Any ideas?




    I put a 1970 429 (385 series same as a 460) that has the 521 stroker kit, in my 73 Mach 1 and im running the Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake with a Holley 4150 carb, and a K&N drop base air cleaner that has a 3" height and my stock mach 1 hood clears just fine. But i do not have the air dam equipment that mounts to the underside of my hood either. Hope this helps.





    Yes, that helps a lot. That is exactly what I was hoping for. ?

  7. As far as the shifter? I like mine. I would never have just put one on but when I bought the car, it had a no-name aftermarket shifter that wasn't working all that well. So I went with the B&M. It works just fine and it's complicated enough looking that my wife won't even try to drive the car..lol performance wise, it's nothing different. But the guy I bought the car from thought he was some sort of "street racer" with a set of 3.50 gears, an aftermarket shifter and a one-legger...?


  8. It sounds like somebody needs to do some carb pad height research...


    I have a Weiand Stealth that can measure. I'd be curious how the Stealth, Air Gap and perhaps Blue Thunder's dual plane compare.


    If my 460 ever makes it into my Mach I had resigned myself to needing to modify a spare air cleaner in order to run the ram air, but I didn't realize that the carb was that close to the hood!


    I was thinking of using the Edelbrock Air Gap with a Spectre air cleaner.. but now I don't know. But you're saying the Stealth fits well?

  9. I am planning my 460 build. I would like to use the Edelbrock Air Gap but not sure if it will fit under the factory Mach-1 hood. Any ideas?


    I don't know for sure but I doubt that it would. My Performer RPM which is shorter barely fit with the deepest drop base I could find and a 2" air filter.


    Thanks what I was afraid of.. ok, thank you..

  10. I know this isn't much to go on but I w wondering if I can find my gear ratio (and if my speedo is off) from the following info:

    1973 Mach-1 with c-6 trans and 275/40-17 rear wheels. On the freeway driving to school today, I noticed my speedo qhowed the following speeds for the provided RPM's. I had the speedo cable replaced so I don't know if the gear is the right one or not. But I also changed the rear wheels so I am assuming it's off regardless. Thanks..




    4500rpm- 100mph

  11. My '68 coupe came with a 302. When i finally had the $, I pulled the 8" rear, the c4 auto and the 302. I dropped in a Currie 9" rear, a TKO-600 and a 393w. Night and day (obviously), but it makes great power, I don't have to wind the snot out of it to make any power and it stops and handles well. Don't forget you can go with a 408w and a 427w as well. Not to mention the stroker optioned available for the Cleveland. Not saying a stroked small block is better than a 460 at all. You could even go with a stroked big block (521/545). Just another option..

  12. Will be installing new 2V CC Aussie Heads this winter as well as new cam. 608/612x225/232x112. It was suggested that I install a new distributor at that time as well. I am currently running a stock distributor with a pertronix III. Not sure if I should just be looking at a reman stock style and reuse my pertronix or something else. Any suggestions would help.


    Well, when I converted my '68 coupe from a 302 to a 393w, I went with an MSD distributor and box. I can't tell you if it is better or not but my car runs great and it has been trouble free for 10 years.. when the funds are available, I certainly plan to replace the dual points in my '73 and get another MSD..

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