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  1. Wow..ok. Thanks. That would be quite something. Especially since I'm already thinking of a 427 or 438 Windsor for my '68 mustang, a matching Cleveland would be cool for my '73. More than enough power for driving to work..lol Thanks again..
  2. Reading the description of the 351 Boss block from Summit Racing (M-6010-BOSS351BB) is said it comes in either 9.2 or 9.5" deck height as well as accepting a 4.125" bore as well as a 4.250" stroke. So one could easily build a 427 Cleveland. Is there any reason why one wouldn't do this? Especially if 4v heads flow so well ;or even aftermarket heads.. Any foreseen disadvantages? Thanks.. Mike
  3. No idea about Sanderson headers at all. I like the idea of a shorty but I have read a lot of mixed reviews about their quality..
  4. Does the drivers side (long tubes) come out/go in ok or does it require lifting up the engine?
  5. I really love my mid length headers on my '68 mustang (393w). The problem is that nobody makes them for my '73 with a 4v Cleveland. As for long tubes, what would work best with (for now a C6 and down the road a TKO-600)? Anyone have any opinion on Sanderson shorties? Thanks.. Mike
  6. To be honest, since I've been out of work, the Mach-1 has taken a back seat. I'm still looking out for info myself. If it becomes a huge issue, I may just go with a 427w. I know the windsors pretty well and I like the headers available.
  7. I just changed the intake manifold (from Torker II to an air gap). Now, when it's idling, if I quickly blip the throttle, it surged then revs up. It has a lumpy cam and I'm having a difficult time figuring if the is a vacuum leak or a tuning issue.. And ideas?
  8. It seems that most intakes (performance anyway) are of a square bore design (same size primaries as secondaries). Any reason you are looking at a quadrajet?
  9. I am just curious to see who might have any info on an elk hunt. I have heard Colorado was the place to go (I'm sure there are other states as well. Just what I've heard). Anyway, I am more than willing to take my bow but I was really thinking of taking one with my rifle the first time. Does anyone have any info on where to go? Thanks.. Mike
  10. I would like to convert my '73 to a manual. Is the '71-'73 clutch pedal different than that of a '68? I have one in storage.. Thank you. Mike
  11. True..lol. I actually got my kit from Bruce at Modern Driveline. Nice kit. I am actually running Hedman mid length headers for my '68. Nice transmission. Just not as smooth as the T-56 in my previous car. After I start working, im thinking of going the 6-speed route.
  12. I would appreciate it. I have a TKO-600 in my '68. Are you going hydraulic or cable clutch?
  13. I can't seem to find it, but someone here had an aftermarket ram air good on their car. It looked stick but it was about 2 1/2+ inches taller. I am looking at an aftermarket intake (EFI) and would like a few extra inches for safe measure. Does anyone know who makes it/them? Thank you... Mike
  14. Interesting.. If I went the 460 route, I would consider p-51's or SCJ's.
  15. I assume that means "It's tough to get them out". The only problem that I have, is the fact that I hear conflicting stories about the ease of spark plug removal Does it depend on the heads, or is it tight regardlessm?
  16. ok, now you tell us what you really want to know. the reliability comes from doing a quality build with quality parts there is no magic to it. use rocker arms that have the extra support on the end of the shaft . if you will use more than around 6 lbs of boost, i would use real pistons like JE . . the probes seem to survive a lot of abuse also but im just not a huge fan of them . . i like 4032 aluminum over 2618 but the most important thing imo, is to buy pistons designed to handle a supercharger and JE makes those. buy chinese forged crank and rods. i would use an ATI crank damper . . it has 2 inertia rings and will absorb more harmonics and reduce crank twist more than a single ring type. i would do all the most common oiling system mods including using a 6 quart cobra jet pan if yours is only 5. get some nice, expensive jon kaase heads if your efi will fit them. you could also stroke it for around the same cost as the stock stroke crank. put dowels on the main caps to eliminate main cap movement. use morel lifters . . the limited travel ones might be good for any supercharger app. run the next size smaller pulley so your boost comes in early and regulate the total boost with an adjustable waste gate. the novis are really quiet. . Thank you.. I was really just curious about the comment 'if you want maintenance free and reliable' (paraphrasing), then go with a big block. Of course they didn't go into specifics, but it sounded like they meant more than "being able to track spark plugs".
  17. Thanks.. I actually have a 393w in my '68 coupe. I love it. I'm actually building a 415w with AFR-205's I'm planning to supercharge with a Paxton Novi. I was curious about the 460 in my '73 because a 460 based motor with EFI and a Paxton would certainly put a smile on my face.. I was just concerned about the reliability of a 460 vs a 351 w/c.
  18. Thanks everyone. That's pretty much what I thought. Thank you..
  19. I was watching one of those reality car building shows. Possibly Overhaulin'. Anyway, the builder asked if they wanted radical or more "tame" and more "maintenance free". When the owner asked for more maintenance free, the builder recommended a small block. The way I see it, a 500hp 460 BB would be way more easy and user friendly than a Wimdsor or Cleveland (even as a stroker). Is the 460 not as reliable of a motor? Or was that just bad info from the show? Thanks.. Mike
  20. I totally agree about not getting the .50 (6th gear). I had the .63 (6th gear).
  21. I'm building a "hunt anything in North America" rifle. It will be a. It much for pigs. But should be just fine for Elk, Moose, Caribou..
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