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  1. I always tell people the heads are the key to making power. Since the Cleveland heads are pretty good to start with, I woukd say the best bang for you buck would be a set of gears. With the automatic, a "lower" gear ratio (3.25 or 3.5:1) would be most practical. Of course that depends on your intended use. I woukd go with 3.25:1 since I drive on the freeway most of the time.

    After gears, I would consider a full exhaust. Mid-length headers, 3 1/2" pipe and a flow through muffler (my preference).

    After that, I woukd go with a performance dual plane intake manifold and a 4bbl carb. I like Deamon and Holley. 600-650cfm is all most people really need for a street 351.

    If you want to go any farther you can always have your heads rebuild (cleaned up on the inside) and a healthy cam. I like a hydraulic roller 224/230 @ .050

  2. I have a '73 Mach-1 with a 351c 4v. I prefer to trade but will sell if the price is right. The 351 has been rebuilt with forged pistpms, hydraulic roller cam, Edelbrock single plane intake and a Holly 4bbl double pumper. The C-6 was also rebuilt. I also have a set of long tube headers if you want them.

    I have another motor for this car but am saving up for a Tremec TKO-500 or 600. I prefer to trade the motor/trans for the TKO but will sell if the price is right.

  3. I do appreciate everyones input. That sounds like good advice. I do understand how the springs work, it's just that I am use to the SN95 cars with coil overs. I actually have the 600#/165# springs on my '68 coupe. And that's a 393w with aluminum heads, intake and a TKO-600. The Mach 1 has a 4v Cleveland and I assume the car is quite a bit heavier than my 68.

    As for suspension parts, is Global West better than Total Control?

  4. I have good luck with both a Holly and a Deamon. I have heard a lot of people have had issues with the Deamon but I love mine. There is also the Edelbrock (old Carter AFB) but everyone I have spoken with said they tend to stumble a bit at part throttle. But I have never used one.

  5. Hello everyone. I have just recently purchased a '73 Mach-1 that is in dire need of upgrades. I will post pictures soon. Anyway, In addition to the fron tires/wheels being too skinny and the rear wheels aren't too wide (15x10) but have the wrong offset and stick out from the fendes 3-4 inches. As for the suspension it is shot. It bottoms out in the front and the rear when going over speed bumps.

    What I would like, is a car that handles well but too bone-jarring. Following is a list of items I have been looking at and was wondering what everyone thought:


    -Upper/Lower control arms from Total Control

    -Strut Rods from Total Control

    -1 1/8 front sway bar

    -3/4 rear sway bar

    -600# coil springs from Maier Racing

    -165# leaf springs from Maier Racing

    -Koni shocks

    -17x8 Vintage 45 wheels (front) with 4.5" BS (245/45-17)

    -17x9.5 Vintage 45 wheels (front) with 5.5" BS (275/40-17)


    Of course this will not be cheap, but I would like to know if I am on the right track. I appreciate it..

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