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  1. Though my '73 Mach-1 has a built 4v- Cleveland, I love the Windsors. I also grew up with the 5.0's. But besides the motor mounts, nothing else will carry over. If you already had a 350+/- hp Windsor, I would actually trade you. I already have an intake for a Windsor so I don't care about that. If you are even entertaining the idea, pm me.


  2. Looking at the September 2015 issue of Mustang Monthly, I saw a picture (page-70) of a '73 with what looks like a custom cowl in a factory hood. If I wanted to keep the steel hood, would this be difficult to do? Or should I start with a fiberglass hood and then have it modified with the additional cowl? The reason I am asking is because I am considering an engine combo that may not fit the factory hood yet I don't just want to cut a hole in it either. Thanks..



  3. The cam in mine is a hydraulic roller profile on solid roller lifters 244/253 -592/614 111 LSA.Pretty mild for a 521 but it was chosen to still have some street manners,easy on valvetrain and makes decent vacuum.I think what Tommy was trying to say is the SCJ head has the flow characteristics that the added rpms of a solid lifter provides,you might not see some of the advantages with a juice lifter.


    Ah.. I understand. Well, I wanted something that would be low maintenance and that I could drive every day.

  4. You will have more low end power than you know what to do with.My 521 is making 600+ torque at about 3k max torque is 645 at 4500 and max hp is 630 at right around 5700.This is with a Torker 2,1" Jomar Power cone spacer and a Holley 950 HP.Your build sounds fairly similar to mine so far.Single or dual plane isn't the end all be all.

    Torker will gain you some hood clearance too.I didn't want to cut my hood is the main reason I'm using it.Mine has been ported to match the SCJ heads and is less than 20 hp down from a victor.

    Also are you planning on a flat tappet cam?


    Well, I suppose hood clearance is always a good thing. As for the Mac, I was actually looking at converting over to hydraulic roller..

    My car is a Small block, 393 Cleveland, but a fairly radical build. I run a single plane intake no problem. Torque I have to spare. Oddly enough, if I drive it like a daily driver, short shift and keep the RPM's under 3500, it behaves wonderfully. I have plenty of power to cruise in 5th gear at highway speeds and to pass without downshifting for anything normal on the interstate.


    I can't see your build needing the extra torque that a dual plane manifold would add.


    Wow.. Now I don't know.. I do suppose too much on the bottom end could end up with a car that will light them up even when I don't want to.

  5. Jeff73Mach1,

    I didn't mention it but I have certainly been giving that some thought. I was thinking a similar rear and to that of my '68 coupe. A 9in with 31-spline Currie axles and a TruTrac.

    As for the Caltracs, how will they affect my handling in the corners (windy road going to Santa Cruz)? I was really considering a torque arm. Just not sure which way to go.

    As for the suspension, I had planned on 650-700# front coils and 4 1/2-5 leafs for the rears. I already have a 1 1/8" front sway bar.

  6. After talking to a hand full of people (most recently lduke12) about the idea of either a stroked Windsor or Cleveland it swapping to a 460 based motor, I have decided to plan a 520 stroker as a daily driver (or at least daily driver capable).

    Regardless of motor choice, I am planning to use either a TKO-600 (if not the T-56) and a built 9 inch with 3.50:1 gears. Everyone as an opinion about a car, a build or whatever. Please feel free to chime in with advise. This will be my first big block and would like to know I'm at least heading in the right direction.

    I have looked at 500 BBF builds, 520 BBF builds and even 496 BBC builds and have come up with the following "recipe" if you will:

    -520 stroker with 9.75+/- compression

    -SCJ aluminum heads (am also watching to see how the AFR heads turn out)

    -Edelbrock Air Gap intake (possibly the Victor EFI intake with Wilson elbow if I decide on EFI)


    -236/242 @ .050" (unsure of lift)-112' lsa (prefer a idle that's not too choppy and will work with power brakes. Should also work well with the EFI if I go that route).


    I also plan to use aluminum parts where I can to keep the front end weight down (not the block).


    As for exhaust, I'm thinking a set of shorties from Ford Powertrain, an X-pipe with magnaflow mufflers and 3 inch exhaust..

    Opinions anyone? Thanks..


  7. I honestly don't have any specific power (number) in mind. Let's see if I can make this more difficult for anyone..lol

    My '68 coupe has a 393w with AFR heads, Air Gap intake and a 232/240 hydraulic roller and I love the (characteristics). I could also go that route or even a 427w or maybe that cam on a Cleveland.

    Or, ? I could find an equivalent cam for a 460 (or even a 500 inch stroker). I just don't know how to calculate that.

    As for budget, this is going to be a true "project". I can't do it all at once but I would be willing to spend around $8,000 +/- for the motor. I have a prepped 460 block already as well as a Cleveland block. I had intended on a forged crank/rods/pistons and aluminum heads for either. I also have an Edelbrock Air Gap for both motors as well.

    As for transmission, I was planning on using a TKO-600 as a minimum. Maybe even a T-56.

    Anyway, I was just curious as to which direction to go.

  8. I have gone back-and-forth, and still can't decide. For my 1973 Mach-1, I can't decide whether to build a stroke small block or go with a 460 based motor. For a Cleveland I would go either 393 or 408, for a Windsor I would go either a 393 408 or even 427 (Dart Block). Concerns of mine are simply fitment, and handling due to the additional wait up front. This car would never see the track, only day to day freeway and driving around town.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..


  9. I also prefer a stroker motor. 393 and 408 seem to be the norm. It I have also heard of an offset crank to make a 377. Not that 25 inches will make a huge difference but I would certaiy think about it considering the breathing ability of the Cleveland heads. If you look at an Edelbrock 351w RPM kit, they advertise a 351w with 9.5:1, RPM intake, heads and a cam (224/232 & .050"-112'), they are claiming 400hp. I would expect at least that much from a Cleveland of the specs you mentioned..

  10. To cure that "drone", could you use a resonator before the muffler? Have have a 393w on my '68 with mid length headers and Magnaflow's. It's loud but no drone (just a lot of motor). But I wondered if a set of magnaflow glasspacks (where a cat converter would be) would help..

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