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  1. Removing the oil filter worked, and I used the 1 1/2 ext in a quarter inch ratchet. Thanks so much for all the help guys, great information! Drove it around the block today. Dan
  2. Great info guys! Did you have to do anything with the power steering pump when you replaced the fuel pump? Or was removing the oil filter all you had to do? Thanks again. Dan
  3. I'm having a tough time with this, I cant move the PS pump enough to get at the bolt. I was trying to wiggle it out of the way, I can't get it out of the bracket frame, it's unbolted, but I can only move it up and down a little. I can't get anything on the top fuel pump bolt. wrench, wobble socket. Any thoughts? This is a bear for a 1/2 inch bolt. It's outsmarting me.
  4. Hello, I need to replace the fuel pump on my 73 with 351C and AC The Power steering pump is in the way, does the PS pump need to come all the way out? Do I need to disconnect the lines? I have the car jacked up, PS pump bolts out, but I cant seem to move it enough to get access to the top fuel pump bolt. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks everyone. Dan
  5. LOL, Well, the antenna is in the trunk, I took it off to put a cover on it. The scoop is ugly, I don't know why someone stuck that thing on there.
  6. Thanks Guys, this is exactly what I was looking for, I just had no real idea what to ask.
  7. Hi, I have to sell my 1973 Coupe, I have no idea what to ask for it. I was hoping I could get some thoughts of an asking price. 1973 Coupe, under 60K miles (With a title search showing the millage) 351C 2V / C6 No rust that I can find
  8. Hey guys I have been working on my wife's 67 coupe, its in the attached garage and my 73 is in a portable garage. I have not fixed the issue, if the new turn signal switch does not fix it I'm back to the drawing board. I will keep the forum in the loop, thanks for asking about me. Dan
  9. Got an email today that my turn signal switch has shipped, I will let you all know when it gets in and installed. Dan
  10. I wanted to say thanks for posting this, I have not had the free time to replace the bushing yet but really thank you for posting the how to. Dan
  11. Hey Ole Pony, I told you wrong, the weekly meet up /show is in Woodbridge on rt 28 near the 234 bypass, I have actually never been but my brother has and says its pretty cool.
  12. My car no nowhere near ready for any kind of show.
  13. I should have wrote "the guy from the car show" Its the guy from rt 234 car show by the little airport, he sets up by the Burger king.in Woodbridge My brother had his card, called him, and the guy pulled into the Target parking lot with a stationwagon full of plates. $75 was steep but will pay off. He has more plates by the way.
  14. All I need to replace the shifter bushing, has anyone done this? Im looking for some instructions online but cant find anthing for the 71 -73 Mustangs. I dont know exactly where it is and what I need to do to access it. I'm trying to knock this out while I wait on mt turn signal switch. Dan
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