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  1. Well that's good to hear! I have a new one boxed up ready to install!
  2. I'm in the process of installing a roll bar in my 73 mach 1 right now. It's a Competition Engineering 8 point bar, however I'm putting it in as a 6 point. So the main hoop, the 2 rails going to the trunk and 2 bars going to the Tinman subframe connector I installed. I am not using the 2 bars that go along the doors. The back seat room with this configuration limits the back seat use. You could install it as a 4 point bar and still have use of the BS. you would need to cut some holes in the rear side panels for the main hoop to go through and 2 holes for the rails going to the trunk. You would still have a pretty good back seat area, installing the 2 bars going to the sub frames would take away quite a bit of your floor space area and installing the 2 door bars would make access to the BS very limited!
  3. Summit or Jegs are both good vendors. I dealt with both! Does Edelbrock still make the Torker Series intakes!!! I know they were a good street intake!
  4. I have one from a 73 but I can't guarantee it works I wasn't connected when I bought the car but it looks to be in great shape! If you want it I'll ship it to you. Ifit works you can pay me $40 & shipping! If it doesn't work then just toss it! How's that sound! It is just the tach by itself! If you want pics I can email them to ya!
  5. Congrats on the Lil' One and your M1 is beautiful!
  6. I thought the 780's were a double pumper dual feed on the fords?!
  7. Dang I'm out of town until Saturday! Well it'll give me a reason to be excited about going home!!!! :?)
  8. Well I measured mine and it is 16.5" to the full mark and 17" to the low mark! Didn't get a chance to change the oil today and the wife and I are off tomorrow morning to spend a week in the Tennessee Mountains!!! So I'll figure it out next Sunday!! Thanks for your help!!
  9. Thanks Kermit 460, I'll go down to the shop and see what I have!
  10. Yes I believe their the same! Same block just different stroke/bore. I didn't call Milodon just looked at all available pans I could find on the web. I'm 99% sure it's 5 qts. Just wanted to verify that the DS in it was correct! I'll probably just change it tomorrow and go off of the dipstick levels!
  11. Hello All, I need a verification on the length of the oil dipstick for a 429. When I bought the car the guy said had an 8qt milodon oil pan! I didn't pay much attention when I bought the car just pulled out the DS to check the cleanliness of the oil. Well I fired the engine up a few weeks ago and when I cracked the throttle hard I noticed oil buildup on the top of the block near the dizzy. So last night I pulled the DS out and the level was wayyyyy to high! So I got Underneath her this morning and yes it is a milodon pan but it looks like a 5qt pan not an 8qt pan. I looked up every Milodon pan I could find on the web and none of them for this engine in an 8qt size looked like the one on mine. It looks like all the 5qt pans I saw. Sooo before I replace the oil I wanted to ensure the dipstick is the correct length. Pretty sure it's a 5qt but wanted to make sure. Having the oil overfilled by 3qts. Would definitely cause oil to shoot out the dipstick tube. Thanks for your assistance!!!!!
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