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  1. Well that's good to hear! I have a new one boxed up ready to install!
  2. I'm in the process of installing a roll bar in my 73 mach 1 right now. It's a Competition Engineering 8 point bar, however I'm putting it in as a 6 point. So the main hoop, the 2 rails going to the trunk and 2 bars going to the Tinman subframe connector I installed. I am not using the 2 bars that go along the doors. The back seat room with this configuration limits the back seat use. You could install it as a 4 point bar and still have use of the BS. you would need to cut some holes in the rear side panels for the main hoop to go through and 2 holes for the rails going to the trunk. You would still have a pretty good back seat area, installing the 2 bars going to the sub frames would take away quite a bit of your floor space area and installing the 2 door bars would make access to the BS very limited!
  3. Summit or Jegs are both good vendors. I dealt with both! Does Edelbrock still make the Torker Series intakes!!! I know they were a good street intake!
  4. I have one from a 73 but I can't guarantee it works I wasn't connected when I bought the car but it looks to be in great shape! If you want it I'll ship it to you. Ifit works you can pay me $40 & shipping! If it doesn't work then just toss it! How's that sound! It is just the tach by itself! If you want pics I can email them to ya!
  5. Congrats on the Lil' One and your M1 is beautiful!
  6. I thought the 780's were a double pumper dual feed on the fords?!
  7. Dang I'm out of town until Saturday! Well it'll give me a reason to be excited about going home!!!! :?)
  8. Well I measured mine and it is 16.5" to the full mark and 17" to the low mark! Didn't get a chance to change the oil today and the wife and I are off tomorrow morning to spend a week in the Tennessee Mountains!!! So I'll figure it out next Sunday!! Thanks for your help!!
  9. Thanks Kermit 460, I'll go down to the shop and see what I have!
  10. Yes I believe their the same! Same block just different stroke/bore. I didn't call Milodon just looked at all available pans I could find on the web. I'm 99% sure it's 5 qts. Just wanted to verify that the DS in it was correct! I'll probably just change it tomorrow and go off of the dipstick levels!
  11. Hello All, I need a verification on the length of the oil dipstick for a 429. When I bought the car the guy said had an 8qt milodon oil pan! I didn't pay much attention when I bought the car just pulled out the DS to check the cleanliness of the oil. Well I fired the engine up a few weeks ago and when I cracked the throttle hard I noticed oil buildup on the top of the block near the dizzy. So last night I pulled the DS out and the level was wayyyyy to high! So I got Underneath her this morning and yes it is a milodon pan but it looks like a 5qt pan not an 8qt pan. I looked up every Milodon pan I could find on the web and none of them for this engine in an 8qt size looked like the one on mine. It looks like all the 5qt pans I saw. Sooo before I replace the oil I wanted to ensure the dipstick is the correct length. Pretty sure it's a 5qt but wanted to make sure. Having the oil overfilled by 3qts. Would definitely cause oil to shoot out the dipstick tube. Thanks for your assistance!!!!!
  12. Why not just take a little time to fabricate a bracket on the stand to mount a radiator on to the stand? Then you can run it as long as you want! If you installed a new flat tappet cam in it specially a performance cam it needs to be properly broke in and running in short burst before cam break in isn't a good idea! And I would absolutely install a set of headers or manifolds on it before running it!
  13. Unless your going all out racing electrical gauges are just fine. Mechanicals are great but like others have said if the oil line breaks it make mess real quick! Been there done that! If your going electrical spend the extra bucks and get a quality Stewart Warner, Auto Meter... I replaced all my gauges with electrical Auto Meters. Here's a good site to buy gauges, they had the best prices I could find when I bought mine! www.egauges.com. And the have quick delivery!!!!!!
  14. Congrats on the win! Nice to see a 71/73 win! And you deserve it great lookin vert!
  15. Thanks for all the great info! Now I gotta check the build date and ensure I got the correct cylinder!!!
  16. Hello All, I just bought a new ignition cylinder for my 73. I know I've replaced one or two of them in the past but not in the past 35 years :?). So who has the downlow on their replacement?
  17. Spin one side if the other side spins in the same direction it's a posi if it spins the opposite direction it's an open rear!
  18. I'm going to be there on Saturday! Need some interior trim for my 73! Liked to meet up with some 7173 peeps while I'm there!
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