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  1. I love my 4.11 gears with traction lok, it gets out of the hole real fast now. My car is driven around town 95% of the time so no problems or regrets here. I did the install myself, it was a pretty straight forward job for an experienced gearhead, no pun intended.
  2. We like our Edelbrock 600 carb, it works great with my combo but did require a bit of tuning to get it really dialed in. I have summit racing 4.11 gears in my car now, they are a blast in town but if you drive 60+ alot I wouldn't recommend them. A 3.25 ratio would probably be the ticket here.
  3. Very nice, 71-73 convertibles are great cars.
  4. It looks like medium copper metallic ro me, but I am usually wrong when it comes ro these cars haha.
  5. Excellent post and great advice. A self tuned distributor is the way to go. Duraspark distributors work great, I use them on all of my Ford builds with great results.
  6. Today we drove around town with the new 4.11 gears, Since we drive at 60 mph or less all of the time we went with that ratio. By driving around town today it feels like we made the right choice with the 4.11's :)
  7. Nice ride, everyone will kmow what kind of car it is with the billboard Mach 1 graphics on the quarter panels ::thumb::
  8. Geoff, sorry to hear about the rider that died at the the track. I am 100% with you on the the 1/8 th mile deal, unfortunately only the sportsman class can run the quarter mile at this time. We use our car for everything and it gets driven daily so it isn't limited to just track duty. 71-73 mustangs are my passion and will be for years to come. Take care man.
  9. It was pure luck but I would like to think it was my cat like reflexes. I installed 4.11 gears in it about a month ago so I am hoping to get in a good 60 ft. time and hopefully run in the low 8's next time out :D
  10. Blue masking tape is your friend. Last time we went to the track I managed a .000 reaction time, it went down hill from there haha.
  11. Our track is 1/8 th mile also. It sounds like you had fun so that's what counts ::thumb::
  12. Well, how did it do? Our local track is reopening after being closed down for 8 years and we cant wait to get up there to get some passes in.
  13. Old cars are still very popular were I live and you see at least one a day driving around. Funny you should mention old computers. I have a working Atari 800xl computer circa 1985 that I love to mess around on.
  14. Hello, welcome from Ponca city and great looking car you have there.
  15. I am using the 67-70 kit, it fits the car perfect. Part number 15816. I got my exhaust system from CJ pony parts.
  16. I used a Magnaflow system on my car and it fits and sounds great. Our car wasn't equipped with staggered rear shocks so this made things easier.
  17. Very nice set up, everything looks great.
  18. I went with the 4.11's on my ride because 95 percent of our driving is below 60 mph and the other 5 percent will be at the 1/8 mile drag strip. I love this setup, the car will chirp the tires shifting into 3rd and feels fast now not just quick like it was before. I was under the impression that the original poster was building a somewhat drag car not a daily driver that is why I threw my experience out there.
  19. Cainsable. I finished up my 4.11 gear install last night and got to drive it around the block a few times, so far I am very impressed with them. The car feels like it lost 300 lbs. and gets up nicely now. When I get more seat time I will post more thoughts on them.
  20. Will do, I should have the swap wrapped up soon.
  21. Just finishing up my 4.11 install today. I will post a follow up later Our local dragstrip is reopening soon so I yanked the 3.50 gears out for a while in favor of the 4.11's. Our stang sees almost no highway miles so this was also a factor for us.
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