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  1. Is it possible to turn the engine over at all? I would check that first and go from there.
  2. It sounds like some carb tuning would help the situation. Does the carb have the original metering rods, jets and step up springs?
  3. The horsepower will be similar but the windsor will have noticeably more torque. I love my 351 windsor in my fastback, to me it is easier to work on and fits great in the engine bay.
  4. Worked on getting my aluminum head swap finished. I am getting close, hopefully have it up and running again this weekend.
  5. Wow, that sounds like a great deal. Score!
  6. One full turn seems a little tight in my past experience. I have a cut out valve cover that I use to adjust the rockers when the engine is running. Using a vacuum guage and setting them with the engine running has always worked well for me. Back the adjusting nut off until you hear a slight clacking then tighten it 1/2 to 3/4 turn and verify you have a steady vacuum with the best reading. This way can be a little messy lol.
  7. Longtubes headers definitely make a noticeable difference, I have had good luck using hedman longtubes as far as price and fit. I would consider a crossover pipe as well while you are there.
  8. Working on installing my new aluminum heads, I am all about weight reduction:)
  9. Nice engine, I like the polished aluminum look.
  10. You will like the 3.50 gears, they are a great all around ratio.
  11. An AOD swap isn't all that bad but as mentioned you will need a shorter driveshaft. I ended up using the Lokar throttle valve cable setup, it was easy to adjust and works great. The AOD plays nice with my 3.73's. in my other Mustang.
  12. I have a 1411 that works great on a warmed up 302. I'm running a 1406 on my 351 in my fastback and it works great as well. Both are excellent carbs, custom tuning makes a big difference with these to get the most out of them.
  13. I have 3.50 ratio gears in my car and love it, the car has great low end and mid range response. My car rarely sees the highway so these work very well. I changed them out from 2.75's and noticed a big difference in performance. My vote is 3.50.
  14. Yup, that looks like the original Accel super coil. Summit lists the part number on the newer version as ACC-140001.
  15. Drove it ;-) I have been super busy working on my wife's 87 lx foxbody so it was nice to take the 73 out
  16. I use an oil filter wrench on stubborn distributors, it works very well. Put the wrench on it and twist leftward while pulling up.
  17. Another autolite and fl1a user here, been using this combo for years and years with no problems.
  18. The hoses are the 2 with the fittings that go from the firewall area to the condenser. PM me your email address and we'll send some pics to you.
  19. I have a set off of my 73 that I might part with.
  20. Yeah I forgot to mention all of the duraspark stuff is readily available at autozone or O'Reilly as mentioned, cheap too.
  21. I love my recurved duraspark setup, I am using a TFI epoxy filled ignition coil with it and it is bullet proof. It never misses a beat and starts instantly all the time every time. I wouldn't change one thing about it.I really like the cranking timing retard feature the duraspark box offers, it allows you to run more initial timing without dragging the starter.
  22. Thanks for the info, good to know.
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