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  1. You wouldn't happen to know the rear axle gear ratio would you? This may have some bearing on the lacking performace in 20 to 50 mph range.
  2. Excellent advice posted above, nothing really to add to that.
  3. Oh yeah, nothing like a nice set of aluminum heads sitting in the garage.
  4. Oh man that looks great, looks like a real life hot wheels car ::thumb::
  5. Beautiful car you have there, nice lift too.
  6. Check point gap and dwell again, it sounds like you are not getting good coil saturation causing weak spark In my experience the coil doesn't have to be grounded. Good luck.
  7. Does the rotor turn while cranking the engine, maybe the roll pin sheared off of the distributor gear. Just a wild guess on my end but this has happened to me before.
  8. Very nice, the shot with the sky looks great.
  9. Hey waterlife. It never hurts to ask and yes I am "nuts"
  10. Looks like a nice car. It is really impossible to give a value on any car without actually seeing it in person but I will just say start out high on the price and work down if you need to. List it at 25K and see if you get any interest in it at the price, it never hurts to ask. The 302 is a great engine, it might hold you back a little bit on bringing in real good money when sale time comes though, as a lot of folks like 351C power in these beasts.
  11. I used rust bullet on the inside of that area to combat this rust prone area on these cars. It seems to be helping but I am starting to see a little bubbling here and there. Keep us updated as to what you come up with.
  12. 71-73 parts can be a little challenging to find but in my case it wasn't anything that a little money couldn't take care of :D . I think original A pillar trim and rear fold down plastic is about the hardest to track down, or it was in our situation. This was on a car that needed everything. Have fun with the resto.
  13. That black paint looks amazing, deep with a lot of clarity. I can't wait to see the car all finished up.
  14. Everything looks great, is that a flame arrestor off of a boat engine sitting on the carburetor?
  15. Great stance there Lux, sweet vert.
  16. Great cars you have there. Welcome to the site.
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