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  1. The 351C power steering bracket won't work on the 351 windsor as I recall. The bolt holes won't line up with the water pump correctly.
  2. I like my Hedman 88300 longtubes. They went in fairly easy and the price was right.
  3. I haven't looked in a while but you are correct they are in fact yellow springs, my mistake. You might pull the metering rods and springs out and see what's in there just to get a baseline.
  4. Colonel, are you running the stock 75/47 primary metering rods or orange step springs in your 1406?
  5. Great video and parts collection. I thought I had a lot of parts laying around, he has me beat by a long way.
  6. Nice job, that does look good. Was there a big improvement in lighting?
  7. It looks real nice. I have converted most of the interior and exterior lights to led's on our stang.The brake lights and front turn signals are much brighter now and to me it makes things a little safer. Great job ::thumb::
  8. I have good luck using an oil filter wrench to turn and remove a seized distributor, do at your own risk. I had to throw in the disclaimer :)
  9. That would be to cool, your car and boat would turn heads for sure around here. Both look great.
  10. We are looking forward to progress pictures of your ride, keep us posted. We love pictures :)
  11. Thanks Higgins lets see if we can do this -------[#################################] front of driveshaft. back of driveshaft On this part ------ of the driveshaft slip yoke I like to have about an inch sticking out of the back of the transmission where the seal is and the driveshaft slip yoke slide in so when the rear suspension go up and down it doesn't make bad things happen to various parts of the transmission. I hope my detailed diagram helps man. If you need more in depth high tech help private message me and I can give you my phone number to offer further assistance ::thumb::
  12. My friends all way 250+ so I like to have that extra wiggle room especially when high jumping railroad tracks on the back roads.My chit don't sit. Thanks Jeff for the in depth explanation that a simpleton like me can understand.
  13. An inch to inch and a half of the input shaft of the driveshaft yoke sticking out of tailshaft housing will be fine, man now I am confused haha:<) an inch showing of the driveshaft yoke input shaft showing would be more ideal though.
  14. Good point, now who put jack stands under the frame to store a car in the first place :P
  15. I would try not to let it set on a flat tire for long periods of time, the sidewalls will have cracks galore in them within a few months. Like the others said if you have to leave it for a while put it on jack stands to keep the tires alive a while longer.
  16. No problem man, if you have an inch or inch an half or so you will be good, less than an inch is no bueno.
  17. How much of the driveshaft yoke at the transmission is showing with the suspension loaded. I like to see an inch so if the suspension was to become compressed things don't break.
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