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  1. This may be overkill but I ditched the stock trans cooler in favor of a medium sized B&M transmission cooler and everything seems to be working well with my power steering system. In Oklahoma it gets really hot in the summer and I am sure the extra cooling capacity makes a difference. Good luck..
  2. I liked his lively posts and contributions he made on various threads on this site. Tell him to drop back in some time if you don't mind.
  3. When I had mine installed I had them take it out and come back a week later to do the install so I could do some rust repairs that needed to be taken care of. It was well worth the $275 cost to have them do it.
  4. Ditto on the above post, I have never had any luck with chrome parts on an engine. Use lot of rtv silicone if you end up using the chrome water pump.
  5. I think it will probably be a nice car when it is finished. Chip if you are reading this thread please don't do a 2 tone paint job on it along with 22" wheels, thanks man.
  6. So sorry to read about what happened to your family and your car. I had the same thing happen to me in an old maverick of mine, in my case the throttle cable got in to a bind causing an uncontrolled full throttle situation while coming down a mountain road. Fortunately a quick restab of the throttle corrected the situation. I hope everyone comes out okay after this ordeal.
  7. Nice car and options, all of the right boxes were checked off on the order sheet.
  8. Great car, you can't go wrong with a 73 vert :coolphotos:
  9. Did you check the float levels on the carb when you installed it or make any rod/spring/jet changes to the carb?
  10. Very nice vert you have there, congrats on the magazine coverage.
  11. It sounds like you got a good number there, congrats and great car.
  12. Great car, the wheels look very nice!
  13. Thanks everyone, we built it to be driven everyday and we do just that. We have no problem keeping up with newer cars using the current setup ;)
  14. Thanks my people, at times I thought we would never get here :)
  15. Hello everybody on the forum. Here is a shot of our car the grey ghost at Lake Ponca in Oklahoma. The great thing is this cool place is 5 minutes from the house with a great boat ramp that we like to use when we go boating from time to time. Finally our car is pretty much done now and is running strong, so here it is years after dragging it out of a farmers field in Kansas I did everything myself except the windshield, I hope everyone likes it. Thanks, Mike
  16. It's sounds like it could be running a bit lean at idle, maybe pull a spark plug at see how it looks for chitz and giggles. The car and engine look great.
  17. Yup, it's a project car alright. But with alot of time and money anything is possible.
  18. Time to peek under the dash with a flashlight and see what is going on there.
  19. Hello Thomas, is it the vacuum line that is coming through the grommet at the firewall that you are trying to figure out?
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