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  1. Is it possible for you to post a picture of what area you are referring to? It might help the good folks here help you figure it out. Welcome to the forum.
  2. I don't know if it's right or wrong but I like to pull the valve cover off and verify both valves are closed (rocker arms down) when looking for TDC to make sure it is on the compression stroke, then line up the camshaft up dot to dot with the crank at 12 o clock and the cam at 6 o clock. I have had no problems by doing it this way.
  3. Geoff, I am very happy with my setup, it starts instantly and pulls clean and hard to 6K. I know your not a fan of MSD but the MSD igntion box/ duraspark dizzy combo works great for me. When I was using a Duraspark box I had to use a ballast resistor to keep the box from burning up where as the MSD box can handle full voltage. Good luck on getting everything dialed in, it sounds like you are on the right path.
  4. Great info Don, my setup likes 6 turns out on the Duraspark distributor which was achieved by trial and error in my case. I will break out the timing light soon to see what my total mechanical timing + vacuum advance ended up at under max vacuum situations. I am running 16 degrees base timing with 20 degrees of mechanical advance all in at 2800 rpm so I am curious to see what it ended up at with the vacuum advance added.
  5. I believe that goes behind the door panel at the top of the inner door. I think its function is to keep the glass from rattling in the door, not sure of the name though :P
  6. Mike, we've had that discussion before!! Your car, your way my friend. A black cap would a more acceptable option though fro sure. Geoff. Fro sure ;)
  7. A recurved Duraspark distributor would work great for your setup. It can be used with a duraspark or MSD ignition box. I love my ugly red MSD box and the way my engine runs with it. MSD distributor caps are available in black if you don't like the red cap.
  8. The engine alone is worth quite a bit of money, sorry about your dad.
  9. 70's AMC's are great unique cars, very nice ride.
  10. Or claim it as a dependant, nice job Rich.
  11. I broke out the welder and extended mine about an inch using a section from a junkyard kick down rod. There are a few ways you could rig something up if you don't have a welder. You will need the kick down adapter from Edelbrock as well to make everything work.
  12. Can you post a follow up when you get a positive I'D on those heads, inquiring minds want to know. They definitely have a wedge shaped combustion chamber going on there.
  13. They look like trick flow twisted wedges to me, but my eyes could be playing tricks on me.
  14. Weird about the comp cams problems, must have been bad heat treating or possible break in issues. All I know is mine has been in 8 years and is doing fine. I do use a bottle of their break in oil at every oil change though and it doesn't seem to hurt the cause with the extra zddp.
  15. I was thinking more like $801, no seriously some pictures would help us give you a rough idea of value. Welcome to the forum.
  16. I love my comp 280 magnum, my car screams when you hit the loud pedal. It has a noticeable idle but has no problem running in gear at a stop light.
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