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  1. Subframe connectors really help alot on these cars, I can jack the car up from the front frame rail and the rear of the car will follow along nicely. I went with Competition Engineering but everybody has their preference, they are very well made.
  2. You have come a long way, your car is looking great.
  3. But you don't want to use too much brake clean and have the excess run down into the cylinders. That would wash the cylinder walls and rings of the oil. May score a cylinder with a dry cylinder and debris that the brake clean would wash down into the cylinder. Oops, I was asuming the intake manifold was removed from the engine to do a proper cleaning, thanks for correcting my newbie mistake.
  4. +2, Ditch the stock intake for a nice aluminium intake and 500-600 cfm carb of your choice. Gain a little power and drop some weight at the same time, win win. Or get a few cans of brake cleaner and a box of shop towels and have at it.
  5. Nice car, very good starting point.
  6. Your car looks better than new under the hood, excellent work inside and out.
  7. It does sound like it could be a vacuum leak, also you might need to replace your valve stem seals because they become brittle with age and end up in the oil pan causing the oil pump to lock up.
  8. Wow, now that is different. Just by the numbers alone that seems to be a very rare car.
  9. That's what I did with mine seeing it was a very rough rolling chassis when we bought it. I used Mach1 and boss styling cues with no faux badging on our car, we didn't want to misrepresent:D
  10. Thanks Brutha! I hook it up to the left port on the Eddie carb Tim.
  11. I also use ported vacuum, to me it makes for a more predictable steady idle especially with an automatic transmission when going from park to drive.
  12. That does look like a pretty good price, but then you have to buy a blow through carb that isn't exactly cheap. But if you want to play you have to pay.
  13. Yup, same mounts. I swapped to a windsor because my Cleveland died on me and I had a freshly built windsor on an engine stand. I love it in every way. It is alot easier to work on and a better fit in the engine compartment in my opinion. It will be residing there until it dies.
  14. You buy some cheap 5 X 4.5" pattern wheels with decent tires that hold air, throw them on there and go. Or borrow a set:)
  15. The last 2 you listed look like good candidates, at least you could drive them while you work on them to help keep the motivation up.
  16. I like your idea, Wolf in sheep's clothing sounds good. Here is a pic of mine.
  17. I guess I'll have to put a Chevy badge on the front of my Bunker Knudson limited edition mustang :D:D:D:D::thumb::
  18. Most definitely, it still looks like a great car for the money though.
  19. A 255 cubic inch engine and a c4 transmission in the Tucson car, interesting.
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