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  1. No worries, I have a black, red and gunmetal theme going on under the hood on the beast. I bought this car as a true roller so we just built it from scratch our way:D
  2. I like my ugly red box and distributor, different strokes for different folks;)
  3. The MSD does use the same magnetic pickup as the duraspark but the MSD is way better built than the duraspark, the latter feels flimsy in construction compared to the MSD. I like duraspark ignition and it is a definite step up from points but I like the MSD setup better:D
  4. Ask if they have the side mirrors for the doors. I would also ask about the condition of the frame rails to see if they are intact as they said the floors are out of it. I myself wouldn't be afraid to take on a project like that one if the price was right. Also not trying to offend anyone but a 302 engine is marginal power wise in these cars but would make for a good cruiser.
  5. I have had both style ignition systems on the same engine and can tell you with absolute certainty it starts, runs and idles way better with the MSD system. It is also far easier to tune a good timing curve. The down side is the cost but would do it again in without question.
  6. If the VIN checks out okay that looks to be about a $1500 dollar car, there is going to be alot of hidden rust in that one in all likelihood. My car was in similar condition or maybe worse and 5 years later you would never know. Good luck with the purchase.
  7. Nice rides, you and your wife should take them both out cruising. That would certainly turn some heads. Congrats.
  8. Backhanded compliments good, movie lines bad, got it. Here we go again derailing a thread. Anyways it is my experience lower compression engines seem to like quite a bit of advance at idle with a total ignition timing of 36 - 38 degrees all in at 2500 to 2800 rpm depending on the rest of the combo like gear ratio, cam profile, stall speed, compression, etc.
  9. I was watching a movie when I posted that, musta been on the brain:cool:
  10. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Just kidding, 12 to 14* seems to be the happy point for initial timing on these engines, just make sure the total timing isn't to high after bumping it up.
  11. Lots of yellow on that one, very unique car.
  12. Sshhh!, we won't tell. Sorry can't help here but try not to lose any sleep over it. The experts should be along shortly to give some good feedback.
  13. Hello Amer, I tried to pm you but it says pm disabled on your account. I can try again later. Thanks Mike.
  14. I will buy the front license plate holder if it is still available. If you want pm me a price. 74601 zip code, thanks.
  15. Nice, mean and striking, love it.
  16. Yup, looks like a solid spacer to me. Take your time and you should have no problems with the install. One trick I use to install pinion bearings is I put the bearing in the oven at 200 degrees for a while, pull it with a glove and it slides right on. Don't go higher than 200 * or you could pull the hardness out of the bearings by over tempering. Make sure the bearing is fully seated after doing this. Good luck.
  17. Nice rides everyone, looking good::thumb: I have 14" American racing wheels on mine and have been kicking around going with 17"s for future brake upgrades.
  18. I always install engine and transmissions together. To me it is much easier to bolt them together when they are not in the car. I am not the fastest out there but I can usually pull both together in under 2 hours and install them in about an hour and be ready to start bolting up exhaust, driveshaft etc. My trick is to get the car off of the ground a good bit for clearance though I don't have a patent on it.
  19. I love my GT40X cylinder heads from Ford racing, they aren't overly expensive and my car rips hard with them. I have them on a windsor but they would work great on a 302. One thing to remember is if you go with a 2.02" intake valve you may have to put bigger valve reliefs in the pistons or piston to valve problems could come up and ruin your day.
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