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  1. What Hemikiller said and nothing to be lost, gains from idle through max RPM. Consider a .030 MLS head gasket for more gain in compression. If you are concerned about deck and head surface being too rough for MLS gaskets spray the gaskets with copper coat. I know that Cometic and others say not to do so but, I've done it twice with no problems. Chuck
  2. Vicus, Where is that service station located? Chuck
  3. Did I read your post right, it cost over $4500 to "register" the car? Chuck
  4. I have liked the Metros since I was 4 years old. That is the best one I've ever seen. Very well done indeed. Also weak for 1968-1969 AMXs. I have done one concours driven Mustang, my 1972 Mach 1. When I was at the 90% completed stage I promised myself I'd never do another concours restoration. Same thing, hardly driven, too much constant cleaning, and just not enough smiles per mile. It did win gold in 2012 but, driven less than a thousand miles since then. If the market ever comes back I will sell it. Chuck
  5. I tapered the end of the 5/8 spark plug socket for that reason. Works well. Chuck
  6. Vicus, I saw the secondary location a while back on google earth. It is a beautiful setting. I will contact you the next time i go to Germany. Chuck
  7. I did the Grundy quote. $7.05 per thousand per year. $7-$17 spread seems unrealistic. I'm losing trust in on-line insurance quotes. Now looking at American Modern Insurance, American Collectors Insurance, and believe it or not, National Corvette Museum Insurance. Chuck
  8. I just did the Hagerty on-line quote. Came out to $17.70 per thousand dollars of coverage per year. 71 fast, you have it at $11.25 per thousand per year. I wonder why the huge difference? It may have been the question about modified engine power. God how I hate shopping for insurance. Chuck
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to use cost per one thousand dollars of coverage per year to compare costs. I've been with my current company so long I have no idea who is good or bad on cost and service. Thanks, Chuck
  10. Nice show and beautiful car. I miss visiting as well, especially the Schonbuch Naturtrub beer from Boblingen. Thanks for sharing some pictures. Chuck
  11. There must be a story behind that many copper washers. Chuck
  12. I need to change my insurance company for the old cars I have. I'd like input from the members on what company they have and any experiences dealing with them on a claim. Any cost and coverage information would also be helpful. Thanks in advance. Chuck
  13. If it ran "super strong" I doubt a wiped cam lobe. Hopefully you are lucky and it is just a failed lifter. Chuck
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