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  1. Are you sure? It seems I see a lot of people with hockey sticks and pucks in Canada. And the dental damage they cause seem severe. Chuck
  2. The new format is like a Glock pistol. At first you hate it and after a while you get used to it. Chuck
  3. On regular FB it shows my correct location on the iPhone and the MacBook. In Marketplace both devices show wrong location. Wait a minute..... it looks like I fixed it using the iPhone FB Market place. It allowed me to move the location dot on the map to correct location and apply it. God how I hate stuff that glitches a lot! Thank you rocketfoot for responding, I appreciate your willingness to help. Chuck
  4. There are a lot of tech savvy people here, unfortunately I'm not one of them. Facebook Marketplace suddenly change my location to Tlaxco, Puebla, Mexico. I have wasted hours trying to find a way to change it back where I really am. Nothing has worked. The problem seems to be common but the fix not so much. I'm using a MacBook Pro, MacOS Catalina, 10.15.6 Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chuck
  5. I have a concours driven car. I finished it over 8 years ago and it has less than a thousands miles on it since completion. If you want to drive the car I'd suggest skipping the concours route. I've built several cars over the years and this one is my first and last concours effort. I spent way too much time researching fasteners, finishes, date stamps, and other small details to be fun. The car did receive gold and I was happy about that. When I do drive it, I enjoy it as it has a lot of get up and go (judges can't see what is inside the engine). Decide how you want to use the car, your skill level, your budget, and let that guide your restoration plans would be my advice. Chuck
  6. I'll just say "New" doesn't always equate to "Better". I sorely miss the "todays posts" from the old format. The old search function was easier to use as well. I find myself becoming frustrated by my inability to use the various functions and just log off. Chuck
  7. +1 on D1AE-GA for Boss 351 heads. The Boss 351 heads were also machined for spring cups. Chuck
  8. f it just a leak from a bad seal/gasket re-seal kit are available and cheap. If you have the shop manual it is not terribly hard to do. Complete rebuild kits were available 10 years ago but I can't find any today. Chuck
  9. As Bill73ragtop mentioned, changing to a semi-metallic pad may improve initial bite and be more fade resistant. I don't know who makes them for the calipers you have but you might check APC/Centric/C Tek, Performance Friction, Raybestos. Chuck
  10. https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1971-FORD-MUSTANG-MACH-1-232365 I am amazed this car brought this money. I am also glad as I am looking to sell my 1972. I want to build something else, a 1966 Mercury Comet. I know I'm a bit weird but, in a good way, I think??? Chuck
  11. Hang around, we need the entertainment! Chuck
  12. Just as information, I have changed several clutches using my 4 post lift including 2016 and 2017 Mustang GTs. Also removed OEM exhaust on the same GTs on the 4 post lift. I have scissors lift for suspension, brakes, and body work. Chuck
  13. c9zx

    Foam Gun

    On the old cars I use a duster, clay bar once a year, and wax once a year (they don't get driven much). On my daily driver, wash as needed, clay bar once a year, wax 2-3 times a year.
  14. Very well done indeed. Have fun with it. Chuck

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