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  1. The hood bow is very common, mine had it. Straightened some of it out with a 2"x4" and a dead blow hammer (before paint). I took care of the rest with shims under the fender. The repo parts are notorious for not being correct. The new name for your paint color is "Damned Sure Green". Chuck
  2. Thanks for the conversion of the file. Chuck
  3. A cool looking system. I agree with always degreeing the cam. Stack up errors cam move the cam around a lot. Glad to see someone is still using the Ford FE engines, my first love. Chuck
  4. I found this old picture from circa 1995. It was considered pretty fast back then, 9.20 @ 148 mph and went straight as a string. Moving from a mid 12 second car to this was a bit nerve wracking the first few full power launches. It had a 514 CID Ford,GM Glide, and a Dana 60 differential. I sold it in 1997 to a Racer from Abeline Texas. car pictures-11.tif
  5. I had the same reaction when I painted my car. I was sure it was the wrong color. The clear coat made it look more white. Chuck
  6. I sold a standard bore 4 bolt block that had been vatted, magna fluxed, taper measured, and sonic checked. The racing machine shop shop said it would for sure clean up at + .030 and perhaps at + .020. I got $600.00. That may or may not mean anything. Chuck
  7. It was quick for the level of effort and the time frame. Smoked more than one BBC. Chuck
  8. I have no idea what happened to the car. I sold it in Cincinnati, Ohio and I moved to Illinois for a new job. It was not stock. Heads milled, cam change, intake and carb changed, headers and a 4.57:1 gear. So, nearly stock don't you think? Chuck
  9. The plugs had only been in about 20K (car is supercharged so change often) I ran a can BG 44K through it and removed while engine at about 120F. The late 70s and 80s were awful to work on (I was a Lincoln Mercury wrench in 1979). A mass of vacuum hoses, solenoids, one way valves and other band-aids trying to meet emissions standards. Chuck
  10. I won't put ceramic pads on anything they just don't bite well. For everyday use the Centric PQ Pro pads work well and are not stupid expensive. Get them from Rock Auto.
  11. I don't think you will break that unit. Looks to be very stout. 4.11 will be fun on the street. I have 3.89 in the Mach and 4.30 in the Cougar, lots of fun. Chuck
  12. Ron, I absolutely hate working on my newer cars and truck. I don't know how you do it. Fortunately I don't need to work on them very often. I recently changed plugs on my 2007 mustang 4.6. I was worried about breaking the stupid 2 piece spark plugs off in the head. I got them all out without breakage and replaced with Brisk 1 piece plugs. Let us know what you decide to do. Best of luck. Chuck
  13. With 117 LSA it is not going to build torque as quickly or as much as the 110 LSA cam. It will idle very well. If you still have the 2V heads the cam it needs is not the same as 4V heads. The 2V heads are going to stop increasing in flow at about .425-.450 lift. The 4V will increase to .600+. I don't know what your goals are for the car but, a cam swap is a fair amount of work to do only to be disappointed in the end. I'd suggest you contact Lykins Motorsports in KY. and inquire about a custom cam. It is not much more money and he has tons of experience with Clevelands 2V and 4V. Good luck wi
  14. Hook the distributor to "ported" vacuum instead of manifold vacuum. The manifold tube is fed from below the throttle blades and ported is fed from just above the blades. In other words, ported is manifold vacuum it just comes into play when the throttle blades are opened bit off idle. Chuck
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