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  1. Is available elsewhere I'd think. Chuck https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/17404/31499/tube-gasket-heater-core-repro-1971-1972-1973-mercury-cougar-ford-mustang.html
  2. I may be way behind on finding this so if you already know about stop here. It seems like THE solution for manual OD transmission swaps. Chuck https://libertysgears.com/our-products/tremec-tkx-new/
  3. The viscosity of the oil should be based on bearing clearances and intended use of the engine. https://blog.k1technologies.com/bearing-clearance-and-oil-viscosity-explained I use Amsoil Z-Rod in the old cars and Amsoil Signature in the newer vehicles. Chuck
  4. Great story, thanks for sharing. I too like the 70-71 Torinos, a beautiful car. My oldest son and I restored a 71 GT in 2005. It was too nice for him to drive it as a daily driver so it got sold to a collector. I wish we could have kept it. Chuck
  5. It should be a TRW pump and should be semi-gloss black. The teal colored pumps were used on some earlier year Fords and were made by Thompson. Chuck
  6. Put a THIN coat of the RTV of your choice on both sides of the gasket and tighten from the middle to each end. Let the RTV completely cure, about 24 hours. It will seal and will not burn out. If it is completely cured it will not harm the oxygen sensor. Chuck
  7. The data came from the Federal Government so it must be right, right? "Trust nothing you hear and half of what you see and you will likely be OK." Chuck
  8. Welcome from Oklahoma. Chuck
  9. I don't have EFI, all carbs, but the numbers should be the same. Scroll to the bottom of this article for general numbers. https://www.enginelabs.com/news/video-understanding-your-wideband-o2-sensor/ Depending how much overlap the cam has may make idle reading unreliable. Make sure the engine is at operating temps before you take any readings. Generally speaking, if you get the cruise reading right the idle will right or close to it. When you do a WOT pass start in high gear (1:1) roll into it slowly to minimize "accelerator pump" enrichment. My current numbers for 408C, 4V, BIG cam, 750
  10. That makes at least two of us. But, I have to pay taxes, buy food, gas, etc.. Chuck
  11. "Bought 4 mag 500 from cj's with tires, had to send 1 back, now later, im sure out of warranty, just got the car back on the road, now have terrible vibration at 60 mph, what to do ??" You have to start somewhere so, put them on a balancer and check for balance and run-out (bent). Chuck
  12. Here is one for a 347CID Boss 302, again with a flat tappet cam. Chuck Boss 347 Dyno Sheet.pdf
  13. "I am sure we would al love to see some dyno results using proper parts but nobody will do them costs too much. " This is not an optimal build but it did make 1.3 HP/CI. Another half point in compression and a roller cam instead of the flat tappet used would have gained another 15-20 in HP and TQ. Chuck408C dyno sheet copy.pdf
  14. Good luck with the restoration. Take your time and do things once. Keep us updated. Chuck
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