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  1. 1971 Mustang with 429 CJ and C6 should fit. Classic Tube has always fit well on my cars. CJ Pony Parts are "problematic. Chuck
  2. Since you have tried almost everything, I'llthrow out a long shot. Could the + and - wires on the coil be reversed? Chuck
  3. The words inept, self-serving, and corrupt come to mind. Chuck
  4. I suggested changing the rod bolt nuts, not the bolts. The OEM nuts are a known failure item. Chuck
  5. If no qualified volunteer comes forward I suggest you find an engine builder, familiar with 351Cs, to build the short block. If that isn't possible, use the Ford shop manuals and check everything 2 or 3 times. Replace the rod bolt nuts with ARP, or equivalent, and torque them to 2/3 spec 3 times to burnish the threads so you get accurate torque readings at final torque, using a good assembly lube. Pre-lube the engine, get distributor in right, set rocker arms right, have the carb filled before trying to start it. Cooling system full. Use oil with high ZDDP in it, preferably a break in oil. The goal is to have the engine start quickly, without several attempted starts, to minimize the risk of damaging a cam lobe(s). Have timing light available to set timing after it starts. Run it for 20 minutes or so at 2000 RPM, occasionally easy revs to 4000 to seat the rings (have a good fan in front of the car). Hopefully someone local can help you. Chuck
  6. Good looking car and with a 460 should be plenty fast. Welcome from Oklahoma. Chuck
  7. Thanks for posting the parts you used. Someone will find it helpful in the future. Chuck
  8. Out sourcing without qualified, diligent, and effective on-site QC as well as in US QC seems to be the problem. The problems I see most often are poor metallurgy, poor heat treating, and poor machining tolerances. I could site many personally experienced car parts failures that have cost me thousands of dollars. Out sourced parts can be good quality. For example Callies Compstar cranks are made in China with aggressive QC there and here. There is also a strategic downside to not having diverse and large manufacturing capability at home. The new car and truck shortage here was caused by a computer chip shortage, the chips are made in China. I agree, Sonnax makes great transmission parts. You do great work, keep it up. Chuck
  9. I've heard some Timken boxed products are not US made now. I'd confirm with Timken where the bearings are made. An alternative Is Koyo bearings made in Japan. American businesses have out sourced WAY too many things and government policies helped that along. Chuck
  10. I couldn't find a picture of a 1971 but this is a link to 1970. Chuck https://www.deadnutson.com/1967-70-disc-brake-spindle-safety-wire/
  11. The TRI-5 Chevy guys cut the axle tubes off both sides and swap tubes and axles from side to side to center the differential. It sounds a bit tricky to do but I know two guys who have done it successfully. Just a thought. Chuck
  12. Rod or rod cap installed backwards? Did he check rod big ends for out of round? Hopefully he will get it sorted out quickly. Chuck
  13. Some AED metering blocks do not have changeable PVCRs. The carb does appear to have changeable air bleeds. The high speed air bleeds are sensitive so make changes in small increments, one or two numbers at a time, larger makes it leaner. The idle air bleeds are not as sensitive. Chuck
  14. I suspect you are correct. Good luck, you will get through it. Chuck
  15. I hope it is nothing major. I lost an engine on the dyno 3 years ago, all 8 Scat I beam rods went out of round causing the clearance to be zero at the parting line. Keep us informed on the progress. Chuck
  16. Installing the large 7/8" rear bar while retaining the stock front bar will make the car want to oversteer when cornering hard. The 7/8" rear bar is meant to be paired with the 1 1/8" front bar. That combination usually results in desirable "Neutral" cornering. Have fun with the project. Be prepared to have the front spring eye bolt put up a fight. Chuck
  17. Glad you are making progress. I like the AED carbs. What kind of AFR readings are you getting? Chuck
  18. If it is an aftermarket crank, it likely has the flywheel bolt holes drilled through(not blind holes). You have to use thread sealer on the flywheel bolts or oil leaks around the threads. Chuck
  19. I hope you recover quickly, a terrible accident for sure. Chuck
  20. It is not treason if you win. Chuck
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