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  1. Brought home my freshly machined 351W block It was baked, bored, line honed and decked for 500 dollars. It's gonna be a 414W where it's complete, and hoping for 450 to 500 hp.
  2. I've been running on my motorcycles without any issue, but the headers are stainless steel, 40k miles so far....
  3. My other 'toy' is a 1993 Honda VFR750, 94hp to the rear wheel, and low 12's in the 1/4 mile.
  4. I wonder if the vapor line is clogged? Have you checked that? It's the line over the transmission, going to the vapor/charcoal can.
  5. Is this OD Mustang/Camaro? Bingo! :P http://oldominion.com/
  6. Here's a couple pix of our Mustang junk yard, they stack them too.
  7. Sounds great, I was taking the picture and trying to get the he!! out of the way!:D[/b]
  8. Not so much what I did to the car, but got for the car. At the Carlise swap meet I got a complete convert. top, SS trim, cylinders, pump, and the visors, all for the low low price of 50 dollars. Yes it was a steal but that was the asking price. Also got a Weiand water pump for 20 dollars.
  9. Then this car should look familiar.
  10. Here's a few that were for sale and the stock show car class: Parts galore, the first picture show the 5 dollars per part vendor, I got a few spares form him (Convert sunvisors, dash center, glove box, and door trim). The other pix are just showing the plethora of parts that were avail.
  11. I'll be leaving Sat. at 03:00, and I'll be there by 07:00, and let the parts hunting begin....
  12. Looks like a Badger piston - #747 is a low compression non forged part. Does it have a deep dish on the the top side? Yep, it's gotta deep dish, bummer, oh well I'm looking at a stroker kit from Probe and it has forged pistons, rod and crank. I'll scrap the rest of this engine and just use the block.
  13. I'm breaking down a 351w that I got off Craigslist; it's been rebuilt at on time or another. During disassembly I noticed that the pistons have an 'F' on them, I'm hoping that's for forged and not some sort of foundry mark. Theres also a cast number inside the piston 'B747'. Anyone know if these are forged? TIA Robert
  14. Got the old girl re-aligned after replacing all the steering components.
  15. I'd go for the Browning BLR in 308, but I'm a Browning snob, and I don't have a BLR, it's on my bucket list.
  16. Here's a couple of our Mustang at the Ocean City, MD car cruise event. Enjoy!
  17. A couple of Mustangs at Carlisle:
  18. Thanks to Mike, I've got my caliper bracket, A+++. Thanks Robert
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